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September, 2021 Add comment

9/11 The day nobody will forget

The horror of 11-09-2001 that nobody will ever forget and that will always remain engraved in people’s memories.

So much has been spoken and said about it since then. “The 9/11 Truth” movement led by many expert engineers and architects have an absolutely opposite opinion about the events of that day. What is true and false, and will we ever really know?

In this article, we will chronologically recapitulate the events of that indelible day. However, there are so many theories about the real reasons for the events of that day. We will also include them in this article. X-Codex would like to reopen the discussion and would like to hear from our readers which theories you think are still unproven, but also which have been proven wrong. Maybe you would like to write an article about it and publish it on X-Codex, which we would appreciate very much.

But first, let’s start with all the events in a row:

On Tuesday morning 11 September at 08.46 a Boeing 767 drilled into the North tower

It was just before 08.46 on Tuesday morning when an overly loud sound of engines from a Boeing 747 startled the people of New York. Used to the many aeroplanes that fly over New York, this sound was obviously different, louder than usual. Many people were looking up towards the Twin Towers when an American Airlines Boeing 767 loaded with 20,000 litres of fuel crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. The Boeing plunges in at about the 80th floor. It causes a large, gaping burning hole in the 110-storey skyscraper. Immediately, hundreds of people are killed and hundreds more are trapped like rats on the higher floors.

The evacuation of both towers starts almost immediately afterwards. This was closely followed by various news channels, which broadcasted everything live on TV. At first, people thought it was a terrible but bizarre accident. Until exactly 18 minutes after the first impact, a second Boeing 767, flight 175 of United Airlines, made a sharp turn in the air towards the second tower that was still intact. This Boeing drilled its way into the 60th floor of the South tower at 09.03 hours. This caused a huge explosion. A chaos of burning debris then spread over all the surrounding buildings and the streets of New York.

People follow the horror events in New York from all over the world

People follow the horror events in New York from all over the world. Unfortunately, this was not all that would happen on that day. Less than an hour later, American Airlines flight 77 circled over Washington towards the military headquarters at the Pentagon and rammed into the west side of the building at exactly 9.45am. The kerosene from this Boeing 757 caused a devastating inferno that ultimately led to the partial collapse of the gigantic building. A total of 125 military personnel and civilians died in the Pentagon, as well as all 64 occupants on board the plane.

Less than 15 minutes later, after the heart of the American military had been struck, a catastrophic turn of events took place in New York. The south tower of the World Trade Center systematically collapsed at 09:59. This created an enormous cloud of dust, smoke and debris from which many people in the street had to flee. We can still remember the images of all those people covered under ashes and dust very vividly.

Forty-five minutes later, at 10.28 am, the same thing happened to the North Tower. The same cloud of ash and debris crashed again over New York. The Twin Towers were designed and built so that the structural steel of the skyscrapers should be able to withstand winds of over 200 mph and a large conventional fire. Ultimately, both towers proved unable to withstand the enormous heat caused by the burning aircraft and their kerosene.

According to experts, the towers could withstand multiple aircraft impacts

Coincidentally, a few months before 11 September 2001, the History Channel broadcast a documentary. In it, an expert praised the exceptional resistance against aircraft impacts. According to this expert, the towers could withstand multiple aircraft impacts without collapsing. The World Trade Centre had the construction structure of a screen door and, according to these experts, a plane would not do more damage than a pin piercing through the mesh. It also became clear in that broadcast that the New York fire brigade knew that they would not have sufficient spraying capacity if there were to be a serious blaze in the WTC. When the worst imaginable happened and the WTC seemed totally unable to withstand the impact of an aeroplane and the fire brigade did not have enough capacity, the whole world could do nothing but look the whole day in shock at all the horrific images.

A total of 2763 people died that day in the World Trade Center, but also in the surrounding area. No fewer than 23 police officers and an incredible 343 firefighters also lost their lives. In addition, 147 passengers and ten hijackers.

Many aid workers lost their lives during the brutal fight to evacuate the towers

The absolute unimaginable happened, when a fourth plane was found to have been hijacked about 40 minutes after take-off from Newark International Airport in New Jersey. This was United flight 93. The flight had been delayed on departure, and so the passengers only found out about all the events in New York and the Pentagon on the plane. This was done through conversations on their mobile phones and Airfone conversations with flight control. When this plane was also hijacked, the passengers knew that they would never arrive at their destination. Even though the hijackers claimed otherwise, this according to last conversations of passengers with loved ones and family members.

A group of passengers and stewardesses daringly planned an uprising

A group of passengers and stewardesses daringly planned an uprising in an attempt to overpower the hijackers. The chances of success were so slim that many passengers telephoned their loved ones and family to say goodbye. Thomas Burnett, Jr. told his wife that he knew they would all die, but that at least three people would do something about it. The passengers fought the four hijackers, and probably did so with no more than a fire extinguisher.

At 10.10 the plane crashed in western Pennsylvania near Shanksville. This was after the plane flew over the top (probably during the attempted overpowering by the passengers) and drilled into the ground at a speed of 500 miles per hour. This cost the lives of all 45 people on board. The target of this hijacked plane has never been known. There is no idea whether it would have been the White House, the Capitol or Camp David in Maryland. It is also possible that one of the many nuclear power facilities along the East Coast was a target of this plane.

Eventually, building 7 of the Twin Towers also collapsed after hours of being on fire. However, this building was 100 metres away from the Twin Towers and had not been hit by an aeroplane. In this smaller tower, the US Secret Service, Department of Defense and CIA rented some offices. The tower collapsed at 17.20 hours, seven hours later than the collapse of the North Tower. The 9/11 Truth movement has many ideas of its own about the collapse of this building. More on this later.

The government immediately targets Islamic terrorists from various Arab countries and Saudi Arabia as their attackers

The attackers, according to the US government, are the Islamic terrorists from various Arab countries and Saudi Arabia. The fugitive Osama bin Laden, and his terrorist organization Al-Qaeda are said to have financed all the attacks. The reasons for the attacks were retaliation for America’s support for Israel, its continued military presence in the Middle East and its involvement in the Persian Gulf War. However, neither Al-Qaeda nor Osama bin Laden ever officially claimed the terrorist action.

The planning of the attacks was long and thorough

The planning of the attacks began long in advance, also from the United States. Some terrorists had been living in America for more than a year and had been taking flying lessons at commercial flying schools for a long time. The other terrorists, of the 19 in total, sneaked into the country just before the attacks. On the day of the attacks, they easily smuggled letter openers and knives through security at three different airports on the east coast. They chose flights for the long continental trips to California with the sole purpose that these planes would be chock-full of the highly flammable kerosene.

Shortly after take-off, the terrorists commandeered the four planes and took over the controls, turning the ordinary commuter planes into guided missiles.

President Bush flew over the country all day for his own safety

President Bush returned to the White House at 7pm after flying over the country all day for his own safety. From his Oval Office, President George W. Bush made the following speech that the entire Nation saw. He stated the following and also directly referred to a possible military response: “Terrorist attacks may shake the foundations of our greatest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shattered steel, but they cannot make a dent in the steel of American resolve.” “We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who shelter them.”

On 7 October, less than a month later, Operation “Enduring Freedom” was launched. This was an international effort led by the US. The goal was to oust the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and destroy the terrorist network established there by Osama bin Laden.

A day before the attacks, a poll was conducted among the American people on terrorism

How miraculous it is that one day before the attacks, a poll was taken among the American people. According to this poll, only one per cent of the American population saw terrorism as the greatest threat to the country. That is how supreme and secure the United States and its people felt against such attacks.

On the day of the September 11 attack, a large-scale US air surveillance exercise was scheduled, it was called “Vigilante Guardian”. The exercise simulated an attack by a Russian bomber and also a hijacking of an aircraft that would then divert to one of the Caribbean islands. In developing this exercise, someone had suggested to practice flying a cargo plane into the United Nations building in New York. This scenario was considered so far from the probable truth that it was more or less dismissed as idiocy. It was simply beyond anyone’s imagination that amateur pilots would voluntarily overpower a plane to crash themselves into a building like a Kamikaze pilot.

The events of 9/11 gave the US an unimaginably cruel wake-up call to their superior sense of unwarranted security. Thus, the pilots of the planes achieved much more than they had hoped for. The West, which was so hated, lost its sense of superiority and the population became terrified of retaliation.

The above is a chronological summary of all 9/11 events. In addition, the explanation and reaction of the United States to these events

As mentioned earlier, “The 9/11 “Truth” movement has a very different version of these events, so we will try to list the most important conspiracy theories below.

The core of these conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks is that the US government, or rather President George Bush himself, was behind the attacks. Other conspiracy theories are milder and hold that the US government deliberately did nothing to stop the attacks,

Motives for this could be to gain access to oil supplies through the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. A second motive is that after the fall of the wall and the end of the Cold War, the trillion dollar US arms industry needed a new enemy and a new war. This was because their market sales had fallen drastically. It is no secret that the corrupted arms industry bribes many people in politics and government to keep their industry thriving.

The population of the United States, as described above, felt extremely safe at the time. Restricting civil liberties could therefore have been a motive. The American population was so deeply affected by these attacks that they subsequently lost their sense of security and became much more malleable to the government.

However, conspiracy theories first emerged within six months of the attack in Europe and were dismissed by the American media as more or less a big joke and idiocy

Eventually, many groups came to believe in the conspiracy theories, including ⅓ of the American population who believe that the government had a hand in the attacks on the Twin Towers. Even after the knowledgeable magazine Popular Mechanics was able through consulting specialists to dismiss many of the conspiracy theories as nonsense, the 9/11 Truth Movement remains absolutely convinced of the truth of these conspiracy theories.

There is a lot to be said for this, also because remarkable things happened in the run-up to the events of 9/11

Two years before the 1999 attacks, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence) practised using aircraft as weapons. The planes had been hijacked in these exercises and would fly into government buildings. The Twin Towers were also one of the targets. In the script, the exercises resulted in massive deaths.

On 24-10-2000 (less than a year before the attack) the Pentagon practised the consequences of a Boeing flying into the building.

On 4-7-2001, Osama bin Laden, although he has been a “wanted person’ in the United States since 1998, receives a visit from a local CIA chief during a medical treatment he is receiving in Dubai. Nobody knows what was discussed in that conversation.

Twenty days later, on 24-07-2001, the lease of all the Towers was extended for years. In itself not remarkable, but there is now a clause added that in case of a terrorist attack there will be an insurance payment of 3 and a half billion dollars.

Several countries are said to have given warnings of a major attack on the World Trade Center a long time (a few years) in advance. These countries were the UK, France, Germany, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Russia and even the Taliban is said to have tipped off the US government.

Yet all major government agencies stated they knew nothing about the attacks

Yet several government agencies including the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and CIA, FBI, the White House, the Departments of Defence, Security, Homeland Security and Justice all stated that they knew nothing and the attack was a total surprise. This would then totally contradict all the exercises that were done beforehand. But also with the fact that FEMA depicted the WTC as a target on the cover of a report on terrorism issued in August 1997. Also, in June 2000, a manual was published by the US Department of Justice showing the WTC as a target.
There was also massive speculation with put options days before the attacks, according to “The 9/11 Truth” movement. Because of this, they believe that information about the attacks was known in advance. However, this trade would be similar to trades in previous years and would also have been caused by a profit warning issued by the company itself a few days before.

Remarkable is the statement of President Bush in which he says that he saw the first crash of the plane in the North Tower before or while he visited the Emma T. Booker Elementary School. Footage, however, shows him being whispered to for minutes while sitting in front of the class at this school about the attack on America. The television images President Bush claims to have seen had not even been broadcast at that time.

A civil suit is filed in which the George Bush is seen as an alleged organizer

On 22 October 2004, in Philadelphia, the WTC concierge Rodriguez, together with Ellen Mariana and their lawyer Phil Berg, started a civil procedure against no less than 100 alleged organizers of the attack from the government. Among these 100 people were President George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Richard B. Cheney.

There was also alleged Israeli involvement. This was because shortly after the attacks, a removal van with five Israelis who were behaving suspiciously was stopped. One of them was found with 4,700 dollars in a sock, another with a Stanley knife, and yet another was carrying two passports. They were held in custody and questioned for no less than 71 days, but the FBI could not find any connection between this group and the attacks.

Later, however, it would become known that an FBI agent, Zach Shelton, would have stated that eyewitnesses had seen the same group of men giving each other a high-five after the attacks. The FBI would have checked the van’s registration plate and found a connection to the Mossad. For some reason, this has never been officially revealed.

In addition to the above remarkable facts, there are many other reasons why the conspiracy theories were born and are believed to this day

BBC reporter Jane Standley broadcast live from New York that day and told viewers that WTC Tower 7 had collapsed just before. The strange thing about this message is that while she is telling this news, the tower is still clearly standing in the background. The message goes live 20 minutes before the tower actually collapses. This is later written off by the BBC as a kind of script error, but how can you make a script error if you don’t know in advance what is going to happen. According to “The 9/11 Truth” movement, the fact that the tower would collapse anyway was not at all to be expected, especially since it was 100 metres from the towers and had not been hit by a plane. The tower would also have been detonated to destroy all evidence of the CIA and the DIA planning this attack.

The collapses of the Twin Towers happened in a straight line, while they were hit diagonally

The collapses of the Twin Towers and WTC7 happened in a straight line, while they were hit diagonally. Many witnesses testify to having heard explosions. In 2002, a number of firemen came forward and described how they saw the explosives explode from the top down, as would happen in a controlled demolition.

Steven E. Jones, one of the most well-known counterparts of the official account of the attack on the WTC, has published that he found particles of ultrafine thermite in the debris. This so-called nanothermite consists of aluminium powder and iron oxide and is a highly explosive material. He also says that he found metal spheres, which would explain why the molten metal splashed apart.

Kerosene does not burn hot enough to melt metal, but in video images of the towers after the attack before they collapse, you can see molten metal falling down very clearly. The claim that the heat of the fire caused the floor joists to collapse may not be true.

However, burning nanothermite releases a staggering amount of energy and produces temperatures that can easily reach 3000 kelvin, and this heat causes iron to melt. The use of thermite may therefore explain why a steel-framed building that is supposed to withstand a plane crash can collapse by fire so soon after impact.

The motivation for collapsing the buildings would be to maximize the effect of the attack on the American population, so that it would increase their sense of insecurity, and they would once again participate in restricted freedom. That people would again massively support the fact that more weapons had to be made, wars needed to be fought, etc.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani also exhibits remarkable behaviour

Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani started to clear the rubble of the WTC within a few days, which in itself is highly remarkable. A place like that is a place where a crime has taken place and should be closed for investigation for months. This is in order to find evidence, but no attempt was made to do so. The queues of trucks were ready a few days later, loaded with the scrap metal and driven straight to ports. The scrap was sold to China and melted down. The strange thing is that the drivers later said they were not allowed to stop and talk about their work. The conspiracy theorists assume that no trace of the explosives needed to be found.

Also, at the “hotspots” of the three collapsed towers, tons of molten metal were observed for weeks There has never been a good official explanation as to how so much molten metal could have been created (kerosene cannot cause this).

On released video images of the Pentagon crash, no plane is to be seen

In 2008, images of the collapse of the North and South towers of the WTC were released under the Freedom of Information Act. This footage shows that the solid steel core of the towers remained upright for probably 15 seconds before also collapsing. According to the architect of The Twin Towers Richard Gage, this is very difficult to understand without the presence of explosives.

The crash of a plane into the Pentagon also remains controversial. Some claim that it was not the passenger plane Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon, but a missile fired by the Americans. The reason for this is the lack of images of the plane that was supposed to have crashed into the Pentagon, and the fact that no recognizable pieces of an aircraft were found.

In addition, the hole in the Pentagon was said to be too small for the size of the plane. On 16 May 2006, five frames of film were released of the crash, but the images only show an explosion and no plane is visible. It is also remarkable that the Boeing was never intercepted despite all kinds of air defence measures. Not by interception fighters or ground-to-air missiles. The impact was 1 hour and 40 minutes after the first hijacking became known, interception fighters could have been on the spot within 15 minutes. The fact that the all-powerful United States was unable to intercept a single flight raises serious doubts among this large group of people.

Also, Iraq and Saddam Hussein were targeted while the evidence was very thin

Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were almost immediately seen as the terrorist group that would have prepared the attacks, as said they never officially claimed the attack.
Iraq and Saddam Hussein were also targeted and accused of providing al-Qaeda with mass-detection weapons through him. The evidence, however, was very thin.

Bin Laden’s public search request to the FBI does not list him as a suspect in the 2001 WTC attacks. Rex Tomb, FBI Chief of Investigative Publicity, states that the FBI does not have enough hard evidence in this case. Osama bin Laden was part of a militant movement in Afghanistan that fought against the Soviet occupation of this country. His combat troops were supported materially and financially by the CIA. Why he was eventually targeted as an assassin has many contradictions.

A video message supposedly found in the Afghan capital Jalalabad at the end of 2001 was made public. In it, Bin Laden is said to claim responsibility for the attacks. However, the video message was of such bad quality that Bin Laden could hardly be identified. However, the person allegedly identified as Bin Laden is wearing gold rings and writing something with his right hand. According to certain rules within Islam, wearing gold by men is forbidden.

Political corruption is taking place all over the world

We hope this article gives enough reasons for thoughts about the corruption that takes place in many governments around the world. Often nothing is what it seems and there are many plans and situations that take place in governments of which we as citizens are unaware.

In the case of 9/11, all theories find no rest and remain very active, even though many experts have proven to contradict them. But then again, we all know that people who get large sums of money claim many things to be proven. For X-Codex and the research we have done online, these are the most common conspiracy theories. Let’s open the discussion again after 20 years! We would like to hear what other theories are out there and what evidence has been found. What ideas do you have about the events of 9/11? Please let us know and mail it to our editorial team! We will then incorporate it into this article.

Just Think!

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