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March, 2022 Add comment

Atlantis, did it really ever exist?

Atlantis, did it really ever exist? No one knows for sure, but I have been interested in Atlantis for a very long time. I have had a holistic epigenetic practice since the early 1990s. I am a spiritual person myself and use this in my work. Presumably that is why at that time a lot of people came to my practice with vivid memories of their life on Atlantis. In the beginning, I was quite surprised about this. But the stories of all these different people who did not know each other were very identical. Even to the extent that sometimes my breath was taken in pure amazement.

Because I can also see auras I quickly observe if people are fantasizing. Since I hardly ever saw this, these stories aroused my great attention. Isn’t this collective consciousness alone proof that Atlantis once existed?

The many people I spoke all had a great deal in common. They were extremely sensitive, even very intuitive, also they radiated a certain same calmness and wisdom. They were ancient souls, I could tell that. Furthermore, they all told me that they had been burdened by life’s fears their whole life. The people who had memories of the sinking of the city had fears of water and natural disasters. Not so much did they have the life fears, and I found that very interesting too.

This later group of Atlanteans had lots of memories about the moment of drowning

This later group had many memories about the moment of drowning in a city as it sank into the sea. Due to the mass displacement of the water and its force, they had no chance of survival. Countless people were sucked down with it.

They showed me drawings they had made about their habitat. How the houses were put together, what the people looked like, how old they got, floor plans were drawn. It is such a shame that I never collected this material, but left it all with the owner. From the stories of my clients, it seems that superior humans could live to be around 800 years old (this probably due to the mixing of blood with Gods or Extra terrestrials). This may mean that the city existed longer than these 800 years. This is because there were also many of them who only had life fears and not water and drowning fears.

They lived in a utopian living world that consisted of different classes

They all talked about the different classes they lived in. About how the city totally provided itself with everything they needed. Also, everything the town produced belonged to the community and so everyone lived in abundance. Sometimes a former high priest sat at the table with me. The other time it was a person from a lower class. But they all told (from the earlier generation) that life was good for everyone, that everything was abundant. They talked about high technologies provided by the Gods that allowed them to build beautiful buildings. But this also had its benefits in agriculture and the provision of food.

The different classes of people were created by the dilution of the divine blood. The less ‘diluted’ this was the higher your class was. People talked about the Gods mixing their blood with the earlier population and thus the more superior race came into being. I understood from their stories that even before this mixing they were a different kind of human. These had evolved much further than the humans who lived on earth at that time.

Also, according to their stories, it was normal for them to work with energy, with gemstones and crystals. But that they also passed on cosmic energy and healed people with it. The Atlanteans who had little mixed blood had more special powers. Everyone was very aware that they had a cosmic connection. They were part of an immense energetic wholesome and so were able to work with that energy.

A shift occurred at some point in the handling of their wealth

Others spoke of a different time. Matter, money and property did play a big role there for the people who lived on Atlantis. All wealth was a community property, after all, it was basically given by the Gods. No human could therefore appropriate the wealth, but this changed over time to a high degree of possessiveness. When this happened, humans on Atlantis infected themselves with changed negative norms and values. There arose among the population, jealousy, hatred and envy, which before the Atlanteans had never known. The more this arose, the more “sins” were committed. People lost their own value, but also no longer saw the value of their neighbors.

Also, they increasingly lost the connection with higher energies and the collective consciousness, therefor also the abilities to work with energy. There would have been frequent stealing, killing, and sexuality turned into something without love. It would have come to resemble Sodom and Gomorrah-like scenes. For this, the Gods (Poseidon) would have eventually intervened and sunk the city with all its inhabitants. 

My job was mainly to help these people get rid of their fears of life. But I also had to restore the grounding of many of them. They had all kinds of life fears because the society and energy here was so different, so they experienced a great sense of insecurity. People here were hard and so different, so detached from their own consciousness and their cosmic oneness. So the incarnated Atlantis resident from a later time that I spoke to did not have these life fears. But did have a fear of sudden death and a tremendous fear of natural disasters, water and drowning.

The Mystery of Atlantis

Atlantis is in my opinion the greatest unsolved mystery our living world has. Despite enormous knowledge and science and with equally great technical capacity to unravel mysteries, we still have not succeeded in solving the mystery of Atlantis. 

As a matter of fact, the ocean is a very large percentage of unexplored territory and harbors many secrets. It is the origin of many myths, legends and mysteries. Lost cities, mystical ships, hidden treasures. But also many life forms and origins still hidden in the often immeasurable depths of the oceans. It is all part of the immense underwater world.  But discovering Atlantis and therefore unraveling the myth is No. 1 on the wish list of many. Let’s take back the story!

The Greek philosopher Plato first wrote about Atlantis

About 2300 years ago, Plato first described the lost City of Atlantis. According to him, Atlantis disappears within one day and night.

The biggest question on the minds of all scientists is where is Atlantis? According to the stories, the city sank into the sea after natural disasters such as an earthquake or tsunami. Plato described the place where Atlantis is said to have been located as follows;

“The force came from the Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean was navigable; and there was an island situated before the straits which are called by you the Pillars of Hercules; the island was larger than Libya and Asia, and was the way to the other islands, and from these you could go to the whole of the opposite continent which was surrounded by the true ocean; for this sea which lies within the Straits of Hercules is but a port, with a narrow entrance, but the other is a true sea, and the surrounding land can most truly be called a boundless continent. “

Timaeus and Critias are the only two works by Plato where he mentions Atlantis

These are quotes from Timaeus and Critias written by Plato. The only two works by the ancient philosopher in which he describes Atlantis. In Timaeus Atlantis is only introduced as it were, but in Critias there are thorough descriptions of Atlantis. There is also information given by Plato about the city and the inhabitants of Atlantis.

Since Plato is known as a very truthful writer, we can take his claims quite seriously. In one of his dialogues, the character Critias appears. He claims that his grandfather passed on the story of Atlantis to him. His grandfather had obtained the knowledge through his father Dropides, and he got it directly from the great Solon, one of the seven wise men. The latter would have seen the story written down on the walls of a temple in Egypt. Because the story has been passed down for generations, we may have to reckon with a story amplified in time.

Plato describes the city and its inhabitants as follows;

“On this island of Atlantis existed a great and wonderful empire which ruled over the whole island and over several other parts of the continent. Moreover, the men of Atlantis had subdued the parts of Libya within the pillars of Heracles as far as Egypt, and of Europe as far as Tyrrhenia. This great power, united in one power, sought at one stroke to subdue our country and yours and the whole area within the straits; and then, Solon, your country, in the excellence of its virtue and strength, shone forth among all mankind.”

This shows that the inhabitants of Atlantis were powerful and subjugated surrounding nations to their power. Whether this happened with wars is not really known. Where the need for subjugation of surrounding countries by a superior differently minded people came from, we also don’t know exactly. The other option is that there was so much wealth, splendor and knowledge that other surrounding countries voluntarily joined this superpower. 

Plato further elaborates on how the island disappeared. He describes that in one day and night violent earthquakes and floods caused a great calamity on the island. This would have caused the island to sink into the sea about which Plato said; 

“For which reason the sea is impassable and impenetrable in those parts, because of a mudslide in the way; and this was caused by the sinking of the island.”

Atlantis continued to turn into a corrupt society

Plato described that the Atlantis kept changing into a corrupt society and as a result the prosperity disappeared. Many Atlanteans began to behave grandly and live from their ego, thus Atlantis would have fallen into decline. According to myth, Poseidon was so outraged by this that he caused the city to sink. There is evidence that about 11000 years ago the sea level rose enormously. Thus nature played a role in the destruction of the empire. And sunk the island in a global flood.

This flood is referred to in the history books as the Great Natural Disaster or the Young Dryas event. The climate changed overnight to a much colder climate. Academics reject the existence of Atlantis, but each time there is new evidence, which does not fit into the picture of this rejection. Therefore, scientists continue to search for Atlantis anyway.

Plato tells us that Atlantis must have been located somewhere near the Rock of Gibraltar

Plato tells us that Atlantis must have been located on a large island near the Rock of Gibraltar in the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantis consisted of a temple built for the founder Poseidon and concentric pieces of land separated by canals. These were connected by a canal that ran all the way to the center of the city. As mentioned, according to Plato, the island on which Atlantis was located was larger than North Africa and Little Asia combined. The problem, however, is that if Atlantis were located in the Mediterranean Sea that these are really impossible dimensions. Then the dimensions would have to be more like an island like Crete. 

The dimensions of the city, however, were described much more precisely by Plato. The city was said to have a city core with a diameter of 1.7 kilometers. Surrounding the city were stretches of agricultural land 530 kilometers long and 190 kilometers wide. Which, of course, are enormous dimensions. 

Plato even gives a date for the existence of Atlantis. It was about, 9000 years before Solon went to Egypt around 600 BC. Where, as already mentioned, he saw the story of Atlantis written down on the walls of this temple. So, converted to the here-and-now, Atlantis would have existed about, 11600 years ago.

In 1882 AD Ignatius Donnelly wrote a book called Atlantis: The Antediluvian World. In it he mentions the possibility that all ancient and new peoples eventually descended from one original people. The people who lived in the age of Atlantis.

The Atlanteans could age more than 800 years old

Many preserved stories and myths speak of a highly developed population. The city was completely self-sufficient. For example, they grew vegetables because a very innovative irrigation system provided fertile farmland. They also raised animals and thus had food in abundance. According to tradition, the buildings on Atlantis contained beautiful precious metals. There was also knowledge to transform metal ores into high quality metal. Everywhere in the city was wealth, both in food and matter. The city shone with all these beautiful buildings and precious metals.

Just as I had been told, according to Plato, the people lived side by side in peace and wealth and everything belonged to the community. There was no slavery, although there were different classes. But even the people of the lower classes had a good life. They also built beautiful buildings with highly advanced technologies and other architectures of materials such as black and red stone. Also they had access to rare metals and even alloys like brass. They used crystals extensively for entertainment and experimental purposes. The technology used also fuels the opinion that there must have been an extraterrestrial connection. This is because at that time, it was impossible with the materials and technology to build such marvels.

Poseidon fell in love with a human woman, Cleito

The myth tells that Poseidon traveled through the world trying to find the largest island. Until he reached the largest of all the islands. He discovered that the inhabitants were more beautiful, taller, and more intelligent than anywhere else in the world. On that island lived Cleito and the Greek sea god Poseidon gets intense feelings of love for her. To the extent that he created a city on this island as a gift for his beloved, this was Atlantis.

All of the couple’s children were given a share of the territory. According to the stories, they had five twins, so ten children (all boys) in total. These children were half man/half God. Each son ruled over a tenth of part of the island. This went on for generations. The first son of the pair was named Atlantis and he would have been the first king of the city of Atlantis.

The temple built by his children in the middle of the city was a tribute to Poseidon. According to Plato, it was 200 meters long and 90 meters wide. There was a huge golden statue of Poseidon in a chariot drawn by six winged horses in the center of the temple. The statue reached almost to the ceiling of the temple. Surrounding the statue would be a hundred statues of sea nymphs seated on dolphins accompanying the God Poseidon.

The love for Cleito was so deep and fierce that it also caused distrust and jealousy within Poseidon. Poseidon, to protect her, had built a large palace on the hill on which Atlantis was also built. Cleito stayed there more or less in captivity. The guarding was so thorough that no one could enter, but Cleito could not go out unseen either.

An Alien connection to Atlantis has also often been written about

It has often been written that the original inhabitants of the lost city of Atlantis would be of alien origin. These are thought to have arrived there from the Lyric star system about 50,000 years ago. That this is the reason why the inhabitants of this island already looked different and were much more intelligent when Poseidon found this island. Cleito also had an alien origin and so it could happen that their children had multiplied superior powers. These first inhabitants of this island have been described as tall, very white, robust. A strong prototype were of the then existing human race.

Others claim that the Lost City of Atlantis was on Mars, or was merely a colony of an alien civilization. These contentions have led to the assumption that the inhabitants of the city of Atlantis possessed extraordinary powers. Such as the ability to control the weather and alter volcanic eruptions. Some accounts also mention that they possessed some kind of device, which allowed them to channel energy from time and space.

Although the myth says that the inhabitants of the city of Atlantis were superior beings, opponents believe that it is merely a mythical representation of a barbaric way of life.

There are several sunken cities that have been suddenly discovered

For example, off the coast of Japan, in the Mediterranean Sea, many mysterious structures have been found. Ancient building structures have also been found off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, this could actually be one of the locations of Atlantis. If multiple building structures have been found underwater why are we not open to the existence of Atlantis.

What is the exact connection to Egypt?

In Egypt, the pyramids were once covered with a layer of white limestone. This was thought to be the influence from the time Alanteans ruled Egypt. In 1850, in the ruins of the Temple of Isis in Giza, Auguste Mariette discovered the Inventory Stela, an ancient Egyptian commemorative sign from the 26th Dynasty. Inscribed on this sign is: “Long live The king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Khufu, given life”

Furthermore, it honors Isis, Mistress of the Pyramid, and Osiris, Lord of Rosta.

“He restored the statue, all covered in painting, of the guardian of the atmosphere, who guides the winds with his gaze.”

It has always been thought that Pharaoh Khufu, had the Sphinx and The Great Pyramid built. But this text may indicate that Pharaoh Khufu, actually discovered and renovated them. From this it can be concluded that there were older civilizations than Egypt that possessed powers such as levitation. The Atlanteans known to have controlled Egypt could be the original builders of the pyramids.

Tales of Atlantis have been found in more ancient writings

Tales of Atlantis have been found not only in Greek and Egyptian texts, but also in Sanskrit writings. According to the lore in these texts, Atlantis is said to have perished in the war between the Gods and the Titans. In this, it would be clear that there are several stages in the demise of the sunken city. First Atlantis was named “Saka-dvipa,” then “Sveta-dvipa,” in other words “White Island. After most of the city/island was said to have sunk, it was referred to several times as ‘Ruta’ and ‘Daitya’. This would refer to the two small islands that would have remained after the city was sunk.

Not only in Indian writings, but also in other cultures scattered around the world, variations of the word Atlantis have been mentioned. Berber tribes of North Africa knew an ancient city called Attala. The Vikings knew Atli and the Babylonians mention Arallu in their writings. 

Where there are indications in different places, there is always a truth to be found

In my experience, stories are true when in so many places and places there are indications of the existence of Atlantis. The seer Edgar Cayce was convinced of its existence, and he claimed that many of the people who had died on Atlantis would have reincarnated in The US. Well, from my experience not only in the US, as I have spoken to hundreds of them in my practice years with an incredibly similar incarnation story. But also this story can be transmitted and passed on among sympathizers. Something else made me much more convinced, the life fears, the traumas and the sincerity of their stories. When I went into regression with these people to the time of Atlantis, many more facts came out that they did not know just before. 

In another X-Codex article, we also write about the presence of extraterrestrials who mixed with primordial man. There, too, we draw the conclusion that this is how the humans of today came to be. We also tell you that there are structures present all over the world that could never have been built with the technology of that time. We are absolutely convinced that extraterrestrials were already present here on earth thousands of years ago and that our society is a result of that. So much more has happened in our history than we realize, and we know.

Just think

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