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June, 2021 Add comment

Did Ancient aliens live on Earth amongst us before?

Did Ancient aliens live on Earth amongst us before? Proponents of the existence of ancient aliens suggest that extraterrestrial beings came to Earth long ago. This is because of the discovery of remains of images with figures that indicate that Ancient Aliens lived on Earth before. There are even hypotheses that the humanity of today originated from the DNA of these Ancient Aliens. The story is that the ancient people saw them as Gods and that their DNA was mixed with the Paleo Human. This is how the developed human was evolved.

A related idea is that humans evolved independently. But that much of human knowledge, religion and culture came from the Ancient Aliens. In addition, Earth is home to some spectacular relics of bygone eras. Constructions that seem to defy the technological possibilities of their time. Either because they are too big, too heavy or too complex. This supports the hypotheses that Ancient Aliens lived on earth before.

There are many proponents and opponents of these theories. This article explores them. The editorial staff of X-Codex will regularly vlog and write about Ancient Aliens, space, cosmos, spirituality, unity, consciousness etc.

By giving an extra-terrestrial explanation for some of the monumental achievements of antiquity, would we be short-changing the geniuses of that time?

Would we be short-changing the geniuses of antiquity by giving an extra-terrestrial explanation for some of their monumental achievements? Their fascinating ways of creating some of the greatest and most enigmatic structures on earth? Or is it impossible that in those prehistoric civilisations such structures were made and conceived by human hands and minds? Who knows, who will say. Incontrovertible proof has never been given, but logical thinking might.

Proponents of the Ancient Aliens theory, refer to the pseudo-scientific presented ideas that Ancient Aliens lived on earth as highly intelligent beings before. Then to have lived among humans in prehistoric times. Proponents suggest that this contact influenced the development of modern cultures, technologies, religions and human biology. Who says that these ancient Aliens and generations after that are not still living among us?

In the sense that the Ancient Aliens acted as a “mother culture”. A common view is that deities from most, if not all, religions are of extraterrestrial origin. That advanced technologies were brought to Earth by Ancient Aliens. For prehistoric mankind the main reason was that they were seen as gods and worshipped as such.

Some Ancient Aliens proponents suggest that the building of the Egyptian pyramids, the Moai stone heads of Easter Island, the Nasca lines and other structures were build under supervision by extraterrestrials. That this was only possible by using extraterrestrial technologies to move the often massive stones.

Why shouldn’t there be ancient aliens?

It is so easy to write off many recent phenomena as bullshit. For decades, all kinds of reasons are invented to explain these phenomena. But since the release of footage and documents about UFO’s from the pentagon, we know all the stories about weather balloons to secret planes making test flight are clearly bullshit. So let’s face it, we live in a space with a few hundred billion galaxies. Isn’t it strange to keep believing that our minuscule planet is the only one that has life? In my opinion, it is even not a question but pure logic thinking.

Besides, what is so strange about extra terrestrials visiting us? Or even the thought that ancient aliens where living on earth amongst us? If we look at this from the point of view of unity, it seems to me that it is no wonder that others come to see us. Everything we do, right or wrong, has a direct influence on their beings and life. Because our acting can have a direct effect on who they are in their development as a soul. The other way around is that what they do has a direct effect on us and who we are or will become. And also why is it not possible that time travellers exist from the future? Can the UFO’s be the aeroplanes for people who live in that time? We know that we can cross time, time is in fact existing and non-existing.

Everything is projection

Everything is projection. Life here is projection, the only thing that really exists and that the whole universe consists of is consciousness. When we become conscious and let go of all conditioning, we can see the truth about who we really are. Then you can also experience oneness, but more about this in another blog.

With the above, I want to make clear that there is a connection between us and all other life forms that live somewhere else in whatever dimension. Please understand that we live here in a third dimension and that there are at least nine dimensions. We have no idea what is happening around us, we are simply not conscious enough. This is because of dogmas and conditioning, but also because we had to ‘forget’. For example, science did discover a PPi molecule in our brain that makes us forget who we are. This could be the reason why we cannot remember anything about our past lives. 

This ‘forgetting’ is also the intention, because our consciousness is knowledge. This “forgotten” knowledge has the urge to go and experience because it expands the consciousness even more. If we were to retain the knowledge, we would be much less inclined to go and experience. In that case, we would stop to grow, and develop as a soul.

My daughter’s first word was “UFO”

My daughter, a special star child, saw and experienced all kinds of things. Her first word was “UFO” while she pointed her little finger to the sky. The next day, when I got her out of her cot, she was constantly pointing at her window. I understood that she wanted to look outside and walked with her on my arm to the window. What I had not noticed was that we had lampposts outside that really looked like UFOs. She became wildly enthusiastic in my arms, pointing at that lamp and screaming out the word UFO many times.

My daughter is a star child. She was one and a half years old and sat in the back of the car in her car seat, it was dark and she looked outside. She said “mama the moon is a planet, just like the earth and the sun”!

I already was really used to hearing her wisdom, but this really took me by surprise. This was cosmic awareness and conscious memory, and I understood that she was really special. Another time she told me about her past life in a sort of state, of sudden deep trance. She told about her life about a girl in her teens, because she recognized a house on TV. On another day, she told me that every time a person went to the other world, she saw a flash of light going to the cosmos. She also always said that the other world was an inch above our world, only we didn’t see it. But she claimed that she did see it and all the people/souls who live in it. My daughter apparently had total access to her memory and wisdom as a soul.

She was always as a child covered in cloths draped like an Arabic headscarf

She was always as a child covered in cloths, draped like an Arabic headscarf, she wanted to dress like that. Oh boy, she was so very stressed and uptight about it, so I let her do her thing. In my living room there was always a tent build from sheets in the middle of it. My daughter had an obsession about Arabic tv that she could watch out of her tent, and I heard her mumbling several times. Until I really started to listen, then I understood that she was translating Arabic. In my street there was an Arabic family, so I asked one in my house to listen to her. She was in fact perfectly translating Arabic as a girl who never knew Arabic in this life.

My UFO experience

In 1992, I drove with her and my son from Zwolle through the polder near Nijkerk, to my mother’s house. My daughter sudden started screaming and vomiting at the same time and pointed upwards. She was really out of her mind, shouting and pointing to a UFO. Looking through the side window, I suddenly sensed an enormous UFO above us. I was so mesmerized by it that I got out of the car and left the doors open. (bad mum!) I jumped over a ditch and walked into the meadow where the UFO hung above. A huge soundless energy, with ‘energy’ in different colours, spinning around at the bottom of the UFO. The colourful energy created patterns under the UFO, but had no idea what it meant.

My sister, who was driving behind me in another car, did not dare to get out and was constantly calling out to me. Yet I heard her and my daughter and then again I didn’t, vaguely in the distance I perceived something. I was in a kind of trance and I swear I could communicate with them. How I wanted to go inside, and I asked this several times. An enormous soundless, fascinating vibration came from the UFO above me, and I hoped that I could go inside now. But at once I realized that I had children and was a single mother.  My children only had me to look after them because their father had left them. This knowledge was penetrating my whole being in an overwhelming fierce energy, I knew that I could not do this to them either.

For one last time, I looked up and said goodbye

I suddenly heard my sister now very clearly and my daughter wildly calling UFO, UFO! I looked up for the last time and said goodbye. Not even a second later, it shot away and remained hovering above the houses three kilometres from the point I was. I was able to see it the whole time driving to my mother’s house.

When I was there, I ran inside and pulled her out. I liked talking to her about all these things. She was just in time to see him before he shot away, in a flash he was gone. So yes, I am absolutely convinced that UFOs exist, because in my life I have seen more than just this one. I am sure that this is also related to the degree of awareness and connection that you have with the unity in yourself and in the cosmos. The moment you can open yourself from consciousness, you can also connect. I know that the scope of your “seeing” increases enormously.

So I am absolutely convinced of the existence of UFOs and Aliens

But you only have to think logically to realize that denying the existence of UFOs is almost an absurdity. There are so many beautiful images of UFOs online. Finally, the Pentagon has released three videos of flying objects that they have still not identified. Believe me, governments know much more than they are telling us. But just take a look at, where there have been almost 11,000 reports since its inception in January 2011. Many are explained, but also many are not. This link is a report from early May 2021, so six days ago.

The initiator of this platform knows a lot about Ancient Aliens and also has some UFO experiences. We believe that ancient aliens lived on earth. He is going to record vlogs about this topic soon, we are going to tell a lot about Aliens 🙂 We are absolutely sure that Ancient Aliens lived on Earth before and maybe still do. We love it!

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