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April, 2021 Add comment

Discrimination by health insurance companies – Part I

The following story spread over two blogs is an extraordinary and true story. Long-term sick patients have had their life preserving medications taken away from them by the insurance companies CZ and VGZ. This only because patients were diagnosed by a doctor who was wrongly questionable. A doctor, Dr. Francis Coucke, who, based on a lot of experience and unprecedented total physical insight for a doctor, gives deathly ill people a normal healthy life again.

Health insurers CZ and VGZ stops paying for life preserving medications and treatments

Research online brings up many reports like this one around this doctor, but two stands out from the rest. The story below but also about a family, mother, father and two children. They have been burdened with psychological complaints for a very long time. No therapy helped, until the family doctor referred them to Dr. Coucke in Antwerp.

This doctor does thorough blood tests, as well as feces and urine tests to make a diagnosis. The family receives medication that works wonders and brings much recovery to the family that has been suffering for years. Although the family, as well as the other patient, are properly insured for this care, the costs for the treatment of this doctor are not reimbursed by insurance companies. In the other patient, even life-saving medications were taken away. After that the patient falls into a misery of infections, fatigue and loss of muscle strength.

The family has claimed from the health insurance company for reimbursement of an examination and treatment by Dr. Coucke for him and his family members. It was for the total amount of €2,694.86 and also the related travel expenses. By benefit notices dated 9 July 2015 and 28 October 2015, the health insurance company informed the applicant that they rejected the claim.

The aggrieved family has challenged this up to the highest authorities

The family has challenged this to the highest authorities for years, but are consistently found to be in the wrong. Initially, the normal tests were granted, but the ITT test and medications were not. This because it was insufficiently demonstrated that patients needed these tests. Only to be ruled against completely for reimbursement during further proceedings.

We wonder since when an insurance company can decide for a doctor, which methods he must use to make a diagnosis? Anyway, this father has been complaining for years to every institution, only to hear that he has no right at all. The verdict was that Dr. Coucke would not work evidenced based, see

Also was constantly cited that the therapy in Belgium by Dr. Coucke was not necessary because they were later diagnosed in the Netherlands. So it could have been done right away here too according to the experts. A ridiculous statement, because the family and the patient of our story spent years visiting every doctor in the Netherlands to get a correct diagnosis.

Further investigation by our editors revealed that both the family and the patient of the story below, at second opinion research in another hospital, received the same diagnoses as Dr. Coucke had diagnosed. But were also prescribed the same medications. But despite this fact, insurers discriminate against patients who are treated by doctors. Because they work outside the normal medical regulations in order to help deathly ill patients. To only hear from insurances that they are suddenly work non evidenced based. This, of course, only because of a large profit motive, because especially this doctor test more than a normal doctor. A doctor who examines and prescribes a lot of medication costs an insurance company a lot of money! Research by us also indicates that this doesn’t only happen with Dr. Coucke but with many doctors who go outside the medical regulations in helping their patients.

The story of the following patient is poignant

One of Dr. Coucke’s patients following story is poignant! The patient received gamma globulin from him because of an immunity deficiency and Human Growth Hormone for a pituitary insufficiency. This after it was proven via an ITT test and Glucagon test, and blood tests on the patient. When Dr. Coucke’s reputation became a problem, the patient twice had a second opinion examination done by two different professors, who confirmed Dr. Coucke’s diagnoses.

At the time of discovery of this pituitary failure and immunity deficiency, the patient had become care-dependent in recent years. Bedridden most of the day, exhausted, much loss of strength, constant infections and dozens of multiple complaints.

Before the patient received the gammaglobulins through Dr. Coucke, the patient has an average of 12 times a year a severe infection. For which the patient has to be taken to the hospital on and off with screaming sirens and is admitted several times a year. The patient has had these infections all his life and has had sepsis on four occasions. Two of which were so serious that they required admission to the Intensive Care unit. No doctor, although this patient has required hundreds of courses of antibiotics in life, ever thought to test immunity.

Dr. Coucke knew immediately what to look for

Except Dr. Coucke knew immediately what to look for and tested out all classes of the immunity and the pituitary gland. Many doctors who do think about this make the mistake of only testing the main classes of immunity. While a sub-class deficiency can cause just as many problems. After ten months of administering the gamma globulins to the patient, the blood values reach a normal level. Immediately all the infections decrease dramatically and finally disappear completely.

Slowly the patient begins to crawl back to a somewhat normal life, due to all the hormones, Human Growth Hormone and the gamma globulins. The patient loses the horrible feeling that every cell in the body is dying. The Patient is put on a supportive immunity diet by Dr. Francis Coucke, the leaky gut is addressed and many supportive supplements are prescribed. The Patient feels that the strength in the body is returning.

The problem, however, is that the prescribing specialist Dr. Francis Coucke from Antwerp, the man who saves lives, the doctor who takes CFS seriously, is unjustly put in a corner by the RIZIV as a charlatan. Together with the Order of Physicians, they have been trying to take away his license for years. This doctor who has entire fan bases of patients rallying behind him in gratitude for getting their lives back. The doctor who gives Human Growth Hormone and hydrocortisone to these CFS patients, even though, according to blood results, this is not entirely necessary. He works from absolute knowledge and practical experience and thus knows how to give thousands of people their lives back.

So also the life of the patient this story is about.

The doctor with a fan club and a committee

The RIZIV in Belgium is making life very difficult for Doctor Coucke, in our view, very unfairly. It had previously imposed a fine of more than 600,000 euros on him and managed to suspend him for a year in 2018. And all this while this doctor is so loved by thousands of grateful people, that they created fan clubs and a committee.

This committee went rallying for him to support him in his legal battle with the text quoted here below:

“Dear friends, sympathizers, fellow sufferers,

As most of you already know, Dr. Francis Coucke has for some time been unfairly targeted by the RIZIV and the Order of Physicians for treating CFS and Fibromyalgia patients. The RIZIV has always been of the opinion that there is no proven medication for CFS and fibromyalgia except Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). In this way the RIZIV creates a climate in which it becomes almost impossible for these patients to get certain medications reimbursed.

Through the whole fuss with the RIZIV and the Order, the hospitals that Dr. Coucke is associated with are now turning their backs on him. In the Eeuwfeestkliniek in Antwerp as well as in the Middelares Ziekenhuis in Deurne, his contract was not renewed. Moreover, the AZ Portaels Hospital in Vilvoorde is now also threatening the dismissal of Dr. Coucke. This means for the many seriously chronically ill patients of Dr. Coucke that they cannot continue their treatment.

To support Dr. Coucke in his legal battle, we are asking all (former) patients of the doctor who are (or were) satisfied with the treatment they received from Dr. Coucke to send us a short satisfaction statement about this.

The aim is to support Dr. Coucke in this way in his fight for justice against the RIZIV and the Order of the Doctors, so that people see that this is not possible, neither for the doctor, nor for us as patients.”

‘Witch hunting’ RIZIV manages along with the board of physicians, coucke to be suspended

Even though this is a dated article, we know that hundreds of statements were sent in and all were submitted in the case. We know that the RIZIV suspended Dr. Coucke for one year on April 14, 2016. Dr. Coucke never received any official notice of this, but had to learn about it from his patients! He then resumed his practice when his suspension was lifted and the patients flooded in again, see

We have also learned that to this day a frantic legal battle is being fought between Dr. Coucke and the RIZIV and the Order of Physicians. We know that Dr. Coucke has been fined enormous sums of money and that he has to repay 800,000 euros for the medications he has written out. While of course he never had any income on this, everything is recovered from him.

We at X-Codex find this to be a resounding “Witch hunt”!!! We find it unimaginable that when thousands of patients are nursed back to health by a doctor, such discriminatory situations against our human right arise around a doctor and his patients.

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