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June, 2021 Add comment

Nucleotides: a product that really works!

Orthomolecular therapist Michael Eeckhof, owner of “” asked us to test this unique product of his. This is a product that really works, he tells our editors. He is convincing because he really believes in how it works. After research, we found it to be a progressive product, as it consists of Nucleotides which are the building blocks for our DNA. We decided to look for a test subject to test this product.

After visiting his website looking for information about this product, we read a very extensive and interesting article about this product, totally scientifically substantiated. We also placed this article in our scientific research category, with the note that it was not written by us. From it, we quote the following:

“ImmuCell is a unique source of the four semi-essential nucleotides Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Uracil. It is a safe and natural product derived from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast. The product has a high degree of purity, namely 60% nucleotides. Nucleotides have been used for years and can strengthen the immune system and intestinal function, in addition, they are the building blocks of DNA”. Here is the link to the article, it is well worth reading in full,

We found the right test subject to test it!

We asked a test subject to test this product. Our test subject suffered from a severe infection in July 2020 and was prescribed 12 courses of antibiotics because of the persistence of this infection. Afterwards, he had many complaints, especially of the intestines, constant bubbling, abdominal bloating, brainfog, severe fatigue, skin rashes and many reactions to food.
After reading the article, we understood that this test subject was the right one. This was because this product could strengthen the intestinal wall and improve the functioning of the immunity.

Our test subject tried this supplement for a month. At first, it did not seem to do much. Our test subject ate according to an intolerance diet, because it seemed as if an immunity reaction arose against every type of food. The problem turned out to be that our test subject ate nothing wrong and therefore had no reactions. In the meantime, our test subject had a birthday and friends delivered a cake (corona time) with chocolates and sweets to the birthday boy. Everything that was extremely forbidden to eat in the prescribed diet. In the meantime, the tested product had been taken for three weeks.

With the thought of “it’s my birthday, who cares, it’s corona time, I’m just going to enjoy it”. Our test subject then ate three pieces of cake over the course of the day, with gluten, milk and eggs, all sweets and all chocolate. Normal reactions would be: swollen belly, exhausted, brain fog, bubbling intestines for hours, racing heart and feeling totally hyperactive.

The realization only came hours later that day

Actually, the realization didn’t hit our test subject until hours later that day. There were no reactions at all to the food. The stomach was only slightly swollen, but an intestine can never be completely healed after three weeks of supplementation, that is impossible.

Our test subject was also highly intolerant to caffeine, so only drank decaffeinated coffee. If a cup of caffeinated coffee was drunk in the early afternoon, the subject could not fall asleep until five o’clock at night.

As there was no reaction to the intolerant food, our subject decided to drink a cup of caffeinated coffee at 4pm. That night there was no agitation and our subject simply fell asleep on time. It turns out that after this month of supplementation, the tolerance to caffeine is very much increased. Three cups of coffee a day is now quite tolerable and when something accidentally wrong is eaten, the bowels no longer rumble and the bowel movement has improved.

We therefore believe that if you have a leaky gut, or many digestive problems, you could try this supplement. In addition, take a good probiotic, which our test subject took for months, we found that it can improve your symptoms. We are not making any medical claims here, we are only describing what our test subject experienced. Our findings are also scientifically substantiated in the article to which the link is shared.

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