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May, 2021 Add comment

Our human rights in Dutch politics

Our human rights in Dutch politics, how sufficiently protected are they? For X-Codex, this is a very important and pressing question. Even so much more important during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In 1948, following what happened to humanity in the Second World War, the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). This is to protect mankind in the future, against the horror situations that took place in this war. The UDHR is the basis for UN human rights instruments. In addition, regional organizations such as the Council of Europe, the Organization of American States and the African Union.

In Dutch politics, human rights don’t get the respect and protection they deserve. We want to make everyone more aware of these situations through this platform. But also shine a light on, how industrial powers rule in the Netherlands and brainwash us to such an extent that we no longer make our own objective choices. The purpose of this platform is to give non-coloured insights, so that people can break away from the group that follows rules blindly. Our mission is to make everyone think for themselves again.

There have always been great visionaries who saw problems in human rights and politics coming

Aldous Leonard Huxley was an English-American writer, essayist and poet, who became widely known. One of his masterpieces is Brave New World from 1932, in which Huxley portrays a completely technocratic society. A society with pre-programmed life and death. Where drugs suppress the population to make them less aware, and where it is normal to have changing sexual contacts. He wrote this text on 20 March 1962, a year before his death:

“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears. So to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camps for entire societies, so that people in fact have their liberties taken away from them. Pharmacological methods distract people from any desire to rebel against propaganda or brainwashing. The population actually enjoys it, and this seems to be the final revolution”.

Aldous Huxley was evidently a great visionary; The inhuman aspect, attached to scientific progress, is the main subject of his work. It is almost needless to say that he was a great fan of mystical religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, religions that increase awareness.

Brainwashing happens several times a day in all our lives. If we look at our society with clarity and how we as people function in it, we can actually get aware of daily brainwashing, and this will never get less, only more. This is by what we read, opinions of others, commercials and other kinds of propaganda. We let this enter within us to be a part of ourselves, who we are, how we feel and think.

This happens from our upbringing onwards!

This happens from our upbringing onwards. Through blindly following the rules of our parents, so we suppress our identity is systematically. We learned to accept a lot of things as they are, without forming our own opinion. It also means that we no longer consciously think about what we ourselves think about situations. We follow blindly the “shepherds” and let them guide us and take all our decisions for us.

Of course, there are several groups that does everything to awaken people. In my experience, this awakening often does not happen in the right way, so that the messenger does not reach the public. The theories of these groups are often on certain details so exaggerated and written with the wrong tone of voice. It looks more like conspiracy thinking than a proper, objective explanation. Everything that is exaggerated and where the truth is hard to find, does not find its way to the heart and is rejected without really being listened to.

People don’t have the space any more in accepting the opinions of others when they are giving with force, and therefore do not follow through. Therefore, the “feel good” ads are always the ones that are most successful in brainwashing.

100.000 babies are taking away to make the Covid-19 vaccinations

Even yesterday I was talking to a man who claims that in Covid-19 vaccinations are cells of human babies and for this 100,000 babies were missing and taking a way to make these vaccines. Also, according to this man, there are ape-cells in the Covid vaccinations and that humans kill thousands of apes for creating our vaccination.

I respect anyone’s opinion, I truly do, but this has to be the honest and true opinion. People need the real truth so they can choose objectively in the choices they have to make. So what is the truth with human cells in the Covid Vaccinations? Since the 1960s to manufacture vaccines, the manufacturers use human cells from elective abortions. They use human cells in producing Covid-19 vaccines including current vaccines against rubella, chickenpox, hepatitis A, and shingles. Manufacturers use the same cell line for making approved drugs against diseases including haemophilia, rheumatoid arthritis and cystic fibrosis, see

But we have to understand that these cells lines are over and over manufactured in laboratories.

The embryos were donated by the parents to science

To be specific, the embryo cell lines are fibroblast cells, they hold the skin and tissues together. The cells were obtained in the early 1960s via the elective termination of two pregnancies. The embryos were donated by the parents to science.

In a lab the fetal cell lines — now named MRC-5 cells — continue to grow to be used to make the vaccines today.

You can see it as multiplying these cell lines, so the cells has almost non-human existences in them, they just were born out of these human cells in 1960. Of course, we can still be horrified about this, but just make the right decision for you with the right information. Instead of just taking over, overly exaggerated conspiracy opinions, like abduction of 100,000 children and thousands of apes for manufacturing the vaccines. X-Codex foundation wants to be a platform where you can find the real truth.

X-Codex is an objective platform, with the sole purpose of increasing your conscious thinking pattern, so you can stand up for yourself again

We want to be there for people who want to think consciously again and make their own choices. As mentioned before, we make a strong case for, amongst other things, the abuses of human rights. International human rights organizations are clear about this abuse in the Netherlands.

The conclusions of these organizations is that in many situations, human and civil rights are insufficiently respected. This is evident from reports by the College for Human Rights and the Dutch Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights. These rapports content some examples of the human right violations in the Netherlands;

Not allowing to wear a headscarf in schools or burkas in public functions and places. For example, not hiring or firing homosexual teachers. The right to refuse a gay marriage by civil servants. In Dutch immigration policy, sending people back to unsafe countries. Healthcare what is non-available for this group of people is a violation of the human rights. The ethnic profiling of the police force, but also forms of painful handcuffing. The violation of the privacy boundaries by tapping telephones and mail traffic. Statements on the internet, which can seriously and often unjustly harm people and companies, or monitoring of private mail and telephone traffic by employers. We could go on for a while about where things are going wrong in the Netherlands.

Little human rights education in our schools

The ruling of the law is never finished, and it needs constant maintenance. The human rights situation in the Netherlands has deteriorated in the last five years’, concluded human rights organizations in a report to the United Nations. Painful, says the report, is the fact that the Minister of Foreign Affairs prescribes human rights education for other countries. This, while in the Netherlands, children still receive very limited lessons on human rights. (Read our blog about human rights education in the Netherlands). In this situation, raising awareness and the right to choose and free will is hold back by inadequate objective information. Many people do not even know what their rights as human beings are. Concrete and continuous education in schools could greatly improve this. It typifies the attitude of the Dutch government that sees human rights mainly as an export product.

What is the situation with the right to choose and free will in the Netherlands?

The right to choose and free will is part of our human rights. X-Codex is currently mainly concerned about human health. The role of Dutch politics in this and the immense influence of the pharmaceutical industry. That’s where we think it’s going seriously wrong. Subjective propaganda is influencing us to this amount that we can no longer think for ourselves. In health care, we see major abuses! Is there access to information that highlights all the pluses and minuses in the choice of medicines and, for example, vaccinations? 

This is all a hot topic at the moment! The Dutch Government calls upon us, without any shame, to get en masse vaccinated. Minister Hugo de Jonge compared getting a vaccination with getting a snack! But where is the real education about all the side effects of these vaccinations? How will we know the long-term effects of vaccinations if this there is no long term scientific research available? How do we know that the vaccines are safe when they are developed at record speed?

Minister Rutte and Hugo de Jonge have often talked about vaccination passports and compulsory vaccination. It will violate our human rights totally when this law pass. These laws are still blocked until recently, and we give all the credit to these politicians who did so. But the fact that this idea is in the minds of our ministers at all makes us shudder. There must be no compulsion to vaccinate in any way! It is our human right to choose this vaccination or other ways of strengthening our immunity.

Vitamin d3 and healthy food, a hidden option

Many doctors and immunologists are calling on the government to make the Dutch population take vitamin D3 in high doses. This is because this inexpensive vitamin, in Covid-19, reduces the severity of the disease and limits to a large extent the admission to the ICU. This is exactly what the promise is from the vaccines. In addition, vitamin D3 is very important for many other body functions. Doctors and scientists find the Dutch government negligent in informing the population about the benefits of this vitamin, see 

But why is the government so negligent in providing information about other healthy options? Why do they prefer to propagate a vaccine that costs hundreds of millions, while 90 tablets of vitamin D3 at 25 micrograms cost no more than seven euros? A vaccine that can have a major negative impact on our health and costs the healthcare system millions again. While, for example, vitamin D3 can only make you healthier now and in the future! We understand the possible need for a vaccine to end a pandemic, also that many groups are going to get a vaccination. But let us choose freely with the right knowledge and education!

Why no immunity-boosting campaigns from the government?

Why is the government not running immunity-boosting campaigns, to make us really healthy and let us stay that way. There are many other options to strengthen our immunity against this virus! Could the virus have harmed us so much if we had been more conscious and healthy? Education in all good healthcare options is a human right!. Dutch politics does not protect our human rights, especially in situations like this. Unjustly propaganda makes taking vitamins as alternative quack stuff, so we believe that vitamins are harming us! Vitamins are ingredients in our foods, they are not there for nothing, so we need them to stay healthy. Unfortunately, our food is no longer sufficiently nutrient-rich to give us all the vitamins we need.

Healthy food is essential against diseases and even cancer

Where, in the Netherlands, is the information on a large scale about healthier food on a large scale? We don’t take the advises from the Dutch Food Centre serious because they are hugely, outdated. Our resistance against this Dutch Food Centre, you can check out in this blog, see

Healthy food in the fight against diseases and even cancer is essential, but in the hospital we get to eat the worst processed foods. Why is a hospital not the place where we as patients get the educations we need about foods that keeps us healthy? Education about how they can fight their illness with good, nutrient-rich food. But the absolute opposite is happening during our illness and stay in a hospital. Of course, this is also a profit situation. If a hospital really starts to educate you, you won’t come back to that hospital bed, and they don’t want that. Hospital policies are cost-prohibitive and healthy food is expensive, all the more so because our government is increasingly raising taxes on healthy food.

So we are trapped in a vicious circle 

So we are trapped in a vicious circle by a government that does not inform us properly and at the same time raises taxes on healthy food. We believe that in health, the Dutch government don’t protect our human rights. Read more about this in our blog ‘The crooked health policy of our government’,;

The time has come for a lot to change in our health policy. This is extremely behind the latest scientific research. It is so discriminating that many alternative scientific facts, are kept aside as ‘bullshit’. We therefore call on the government to take care of our health from a much broader perspective! Of course, this is first and foremost our own responsibility, but if the government systematically withholds correct information from us, then there is really no choice and no responsibility to take. Also, through overloading unnecessary regulations in alternative medicine, they keep it away for the consumer. 

There are campaigns from the government for everything, just look at the vaccination campaigns! Why no campaign on D3, healthy eating and strengthening our immune system? Teach us to feed ourselves properly! We propose an advisory board in holistic orthomolecular epigenetic nutrition!

Our Government needs to start to think different!

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