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April, 2021 Add comment

Our nutrition center is totally outdated

For years, I have been annoyed by the totally outdated knowledge of our nutrition center. The nutrition advice is full of “old skool” dietetics knowledge. I don’t understand their dogmas about nutrition and vitamins at all. It’s as if they don’t do any broad and objective research. Now today I read another article in yep the “Telegraaf,” which interviewed Patricia Schutte of the nutrition center about vitamin intakes.

Schutte tells us that “Vitamin D3 has a function after all, but only in young children, the elderly and certainly for people with dark skin. Indeed, the cutaneous synthesis of vitamin D3 decreases with age in people with dark skin”.

There is less synthesis of vitamin D3 through the skin anyway. So from that particular scientific study, they are giving correct information. Unfortunately, they don’t see how many people are deficient in vitamin D3 and how multiple studies come to very different conclusions, then they do. Of Vitamin D3, 50% to 90% is absorbed into our bodies through the skin by sunlight. Prerequisites for this are 20 minutes of sunshine a day with 40% uncovered skin. The rest is absorbed through our diet.

Oily fish, salmon, mackerel, eggs and meat are the sources of vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is also added to butter etc. in the Netherlands. But the problem lies in the amount of time we spend in the sun, especially in winter! In addition, how often do we actually eat fatty fish per week? Also, according to the nutrition center we should eat fish 1 x per week, where they do not emphasize fatty fish. Somewhere else on the website they do, but why not in their scheduled advising disc!

Our hectic lifestyles mean we spend far too little time in the sun

Our hectic lifestyles mean we spend too little time in the sun, and certainly not with 40% of our bodies uncovered. The winters are long so in this season we should all take vitamin D3, no one excluded. There is a total lack of awareness among many that to stay healthy we really need to eat oily fish. In many scientific studies, deficiencies of vitamin D3 are found in all age categories, namely in 70% of the population.

The consequences and complaints of this deficiency are in fact significant. Fatigue, susceptibility to disease, depression, slow healing wounds, aching joints, back pain, osteoporosis, muscle pain, hair loss, insulin resistance, and irritable bowel syndrome are common symptoms of vitamin D3 deficiency. The more of the symptoms below you have, the more severe your deficiency may be.

We at X-codex feel it is very important for everyone to understand that every age group is susceptible to Vitamin D3 deficiency. We don’t understand how such a “high profile” center, whose job it is to correctly educate us all, fails to do so in many ways. For example, it says that you should not take more than 2000 mg of vitamin C, while a healthy body needs at least 3000 mg of vitamin C to keep itself healthy. We are not talking about people with all kinds of diseases and complaints, then the need for vitamin C is even much higher. Why they take this position is incomprehensible, do they want to keep us sick?

The nutrition center also emphasizes the use of folic acid in pregnant women and see for vegans the essence of supplementation of B12, because they do not eat animal products. For the rest, it then claims that our diet would have enough nutrients provided that we eat healthy? Really? So they have the claim that if you are healthy, there is no additional health gain with vitamin intake! Nothing could be further from the truth, it seems to me, yet another totally outdated statement. We must ensure that we do not get shortages in any vitamin or mineral whatsoever, because that is where the biggest health gains are. And our diet, no matter how healthy we eat, does not provide enough nutrients to keep us healthy, unfortunately!

The case of Sven Kramer versus Dirk Zoutewelle

Also, of course, this interview touched on the harmfulness of vitamin B6. Of course, we all remember the story of Sven Kramer who had been given a very high dose of vitamin B6 by PNI therapist Dirk Zoutewelle. He was given 16 times the recommended daily allowance while the RDA of vitamin B6, according to the Dutch Nutrition Centre, is 1.5 mg per day. The RDA values for the intake of nutrients are really not sufficient to keep us healthy. For now, this aside, we will come back to this in detail in another blog.

Back to Sven Kramer, who was no longer performing at his level and went for an examination to the sports doctor Peter Vergouwen. He diagnosed nerve damage in Sven and immediately linked this to the high intakes of the B6 vitamins that Dirk Zoutewelle had prescribed. Of course, the Dutch Association against Quackery went overboard again and Dirk Zoutewelle was called a quack of the purest kind. A retired pediatric surgeon referred to Dirk Zoutewelle’s treatment methods as a self-created monster of a fantasist.

Vitamin B6 can be toxic if its concentration in the body is too high and causes sensory neuropathy, the mechanism of which is unknown. The degeneration of sensory fibers of peripheral nerves and their myelin, as well as the dorsal columns of the spinal cord cause bilateral loss of peripheral sensation. In addition, enormous sensitivity to touch, accompanied by pain in the limbs, coordination disorder and loss of balance. But then there must be an extended period of supplementation above the toxic limit of 1 gram per day. Or hypervitaminosis B6 must have been detected, in this case no supplementation of B6 should take place. In any case, the degeneration of nerves and their fibers etc. is not observed at a dose of 100 mg per day, see

Another law was immediately arranged restricting the use of vitamin B6

Due to this situation, a law was passed in 2018 which regulates that vitamin pills should not contain more than 21 mg of B6. So incredibly unnecessary it seems to us, as the toxic limit is so much higher and in scientific research, nothing negative has ever been observed at a dose of 100 mg.

I know Dirk Zoutewelle personally from his early days as a therapist, and really I have unfinished business with this man, karma can be a bitch in his case. But I refuse to lower myself to his level where a person from the lack of conscience destroys and talks bad about other people who do good work. So no, I don’t do that. I know who Dirk Zoutewelle is, and I absolutely disagree with parts of his character and many of his statements and practices. But I also know him as a man who does thorough research before he deploys anything. In addition, he has a thorough knowledge and is very serious about his profession. He really knew what he was doing, I am absolutely certain of that. The fact that this happened to him and that he is seen in this light happens to him for other reasons. I won’t elaborate on that.

It’s sad that situations like this arise every time. Because it gives critics far too much room to completely destroy all the good that supplements and proper nutrition have to offer. I therefore call upon every therapist in this field to do a great deal of research when working with clients in excess. Just don’t give all those critics a chance to tear down everything that has been so carefully constructed. This is to allow people without solid knowledge to make an honest choice, whether to take vitamins and eat healthy. Now this freedom of choice, which is a human right by the way, is being totally destroyed by a number of very skeptical reports through various channels. This is also the case with Sven Kramer and Dirk Zoutewelle. Often all this negativity is also written by extremely incompetent people who have no knowledge whatsoever about the effects of vitamins, etc.

The association against quackery, the big bitch!

I don’t have a good word to say about the Association Against Quackery! What a big Bitch, I wonder if they have nothing better to do. They always find a reason to break everything that is not normal medical down to the bottom. But please never forget, these guys are sponsored by Big Pharma, like many other skeptics and channels of critics. Their goal is to put everything that can make people healthy, outside their medications, in a negative light. So that anyone without any medical knowledge, would not dare to take a supplement. Every time a good therapist, or a doctor who dares to think and treat outside the box, is put in the quackery damn corner by these incompetent people.

Again even though I disagree with some of Dirk Zoutewelle’s practices pertinently, he does not belong in that damn corner of being a quack that is something I know for sure.

The disk of five, a disk full of nutritional misery!

Back to our nutrition center and their nutritional misery on the disk of five! That disk that contains a bin full of grains and milk, that gives so much unhealthiness to so many people. It is almost too incredible for words that these people are educating us! When I look at their website and read about the five slices of bread a day! You end up with 75 grams of carbohydrates, full of wheat and gluten for which so many people are intolerant. Gluten makes so many people sick without realizing it, and as a result they develop all kinds of intestinal problems, among other things. For people with underlying problems such as insulin resistance, hypoglycemia or diabetes, 75 grams of carbohydrates in a sandwich can really be too much. Especially if these are eaten in a row. Information is provided for healthy people, who have no underlying diseases and intolerances, this must be changed. The nutrition center is obliged to adapt their information to various diseases, complaints and situations in which people live.

For example, I can’t understand at all that they recommend half fat butter and “oil”. Not even olive oil or even better coconut oil, no, “oil and half fat butter”, really? I’m already glad they don’t recommend Becel but wow half fat butter with all kinds of bad oils are shuffled by them into our bodies. Coconut oil and butter is still the best and cream butter when you are sure you can tolerate milk totally. Also, of course extra virgin olive oil, prefer not to fry in that but sprinkle it over all vegetables and salads. Or dip your gluten-free bread deliciously in it with some Himalayan salt. If you want to bake, bake only in coconut oil, it’s the healthiest fat there is.

But not a word about the healthy oils on their website. Also, the fact that they just recommend cheese, milk and gluten is almost unimaginable! Countless people can’t tolerate milk but also because these nutrients alone contain an enormous amount of exorphins that seriously unbalance the substance endorphins (which make you feel good). Milk and gluten give us countless complaints both physically and psychologically and our editors feel that they should be informed about this! Anyway, according to the nutrition center, which everyone should get an objective and extremely healthy vision, our diet is very healthy, and we eat very healthy!

Nothing is less true than this very outdated statement. Our food is nutrient poor because our soil that our food grows on is totally nutrient depleted. Of course our growers will add nutrients but not nearly enough. A plant, vegetable, fruit gets its nutrients from the soil, without that there is barely to nothing in what you eat. Then there is the fact that our food is totally chemically sprayed, our bodies are wasting their nutrients fighting these chemicals. It is often stated that the body loses more nutrients to defuse the chemical sprayed food than can be absorbed by the body.

Would they intentionally fool us?

I really wonder if the nutrition center is deliberately fooling us now. Why does such an institute give so much one-sided information? A nutritionist with a little research skills should know that what they are calling out is total nonsense. Or at least that one-sided research is being done to confirm their assertions. That no broad-based research is done by them. The nutrition center is completely subsidized by the government and then it says so nicely on their website that they don’t take money from companies. But live off the largest company in the Netherlands, which is our government. Which absolutely has tax breaks from a very prosperous food industry, is that really kosher?

The government that creates a nutrition center to get us to eat “healthier”, which then educates us with complete “outdated” information. And on the other hand, making junk food cheaper and cheaper and increasing the tax on fresh fruit and vegetables. How crooked and anti-healthy can a government be? X-CodeX pleads for a minister for “nutrition and health” with a thorough knowledge of nutrition according to the absolute latest scientific research. Because providing your population with pathogenic information on the basis of very limited knowledge is really no longer acceptable. A human right is literally being taken away from us.

Amnesty states the following: Every human being, according to a 2002 UN resolution, has the right to ‘enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health’. The UN appointed a special rapporteur to monitor this. The right to health and health care is threatened by, among other things, war and oppression, poverty, violations of medical neutrality and medical ethics, lack of access to medical care and medicines, inadequate training of medics and other health care workers, and high income inequality,

But then this should be health care from a holism, both with herbs, vitamins, working with healthy food, holistically. And not from the pigeonholing medical knowledge that is now and prevails over our health.

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