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June, 2021 Add comment

The Akashic records: Archives of the soul

The Akashic records are the archives of the soul, so if you ever wondered where we come from? What life lessons do we need to learn? Who are the people who influenced our lives and who we are today? The Akashic Records are the archives of the soul and can give us insight. Linda Howe is a spiritual pioneer who has written many books on the Akashic Records. Highly recommended on this subject, see

Akasha is a word from Sanskrit and, it means “ether”, primary or primordial substance, and it forms everything. It is all encompassing and surrounding. Some call it cosmic energy, others life energy, but we are all talking about the same thing.

Akashic records or hall of records as some call it is a multi-dimensional library of light. In it all the information and wisdom relating to every soul that has ever incarnated is encoded/stored in light. That is why we call the Akashic records the archives of the soul. The Akashic records are similar to a human cloud-based storage. With the added advantage that anyone can access them from anywhere. They are like a collective consciousness that we can access and share the information by the right person.

The Wisdom of the Akashic records is very sublime

The wisdom of the Akashic records is very sublime. For centuries, it was only available to saints, mediums, seers and highly evolved souls. It is a responsibility that is entrusting too only to those who were able to respect its sanctity. But also to those who could handle the knowledge they received from it. Because it is really hard to know what is going to happen to you and then to let it happen to you. Only when you have dimensional insight into karma/life/development of the soul and all the guiding connecting souls around it, then you can let go of things and simply let it happen.

However, in the Aquarian Age, humanity has evolved from a state of dependency to a state of responsibility. In this state, we consciously take responsibility for our spiritual growth and soul development. Therefore, more people can access these records.

The Akashic Records have been around since the beginning of time

The Akashic Records, the archives of the soul, have been in existence since the beginning of time. Although the name comes from Sanskrit, the archives have other names in different cultures and religions. In the Bible as the book of life, in the Torah as the book of memory. According to the Garuda Purana, Chitragupta (a Hindu God) keeps track of every action of every life form from birth to death. In mystical traditions, they call his these documents the Akashic Records. They contain every action of every incarnated soul in the Universe.

In other words, the Akashic records are a vibrational archiving system. Where every thought, word, emotion, action generated by the soul’s experience since its inception is recorded. Which translates directly into past, present and future possibilities. It is a total blueprint of every soul on its path to absolute unity with its source. Who or what this source is, we will certainly write about in another article.

Indestructible tablets of astral light

Many famous scientific people have spoken or referred to the Akashic Records in the past:

Theosophist Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891) referred to the “indestructible tablets of astral light”. Which recorded both the past and the future of human thought and action. These “Masters of Ancient Wisdom”, as Blavatsky called them, taught her clairvoyance, paranormal abilities and astral projection. She used these tools to channel information from the Akashic records.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) the American mystic used the trance channelling method to access the Akashic Records. He passed on information and wisdom relating to spirituality and human evolution. Cayce’s Akashic studies led him to conclude that there is a repository of information in a non-physical plane of existence. This keeps a record of each soul’s past, present and future.

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) also referred to the Akashic Records in his writings. The metaphysician claimed that every action, word and thought leaves a trace in etheric spheres.

According to quantum physicist Ervin Laszlo – “the Akashic Records are the electromagnetic imprint of everything that has ever happened in the Universe”. Ervin Laszlo explores concepts of Akasha from the perspective of science. He concludes that the Akasha contains templates for human ideals such as harmony and equanimity. This is reflected in his “Akasha paradigm” which he relates to human evolutionary processes.

They are constantly evolving and karma causes this

The Akashic records are not set in stone. They are constantly evolving and karma causes this. Karma is the law of cause and effect, a cycle that is activated every time in your development by an action or deed. Karma is part of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Taoism. It refers to the totality of our actions and their reactions in this life and past lives, all of which shape our future.

I am going to try to tell you how it feels when you reach and access the Akashic Records. How you extract the information and translate it for the person for whom it is intended. Remember, you may not get access to the records on your first try, or even on your fifth try. As with any tool for spiritual growth, it requires patience, consistent meditation. It also takes a great deal of research to successfully access the chronicles. So do not be discouraged if you do not immediately find what you are looking for.

Nothingness is black, in which the sense of time disappears

In meditation, try to go to nothingness, nothingness is black and the sense of time disappears. Contrary to others who jubilate about beautiful light beings, shining silver plates and flashes that appear, this does not have to be the case at all. With me everything fades away, I hear nothing, see nothing and know nothing. My ego switches off automatically, it is not important what I think about it. But at the same time I hear, know and see everything. Only my brain and my ego do not participate anymore, they do not translate what I feel, see and know. It is like speaking, writing automatically, it passes you by completely. You don’t know what you are saying, writing, you don’t hear yourself.

So I have done many studies in my life, with excellent results. But I suspect that unconsciously I was reading the answers from the cosmic consciousness (Akashic Records). The important thing is that the knowledge is conveyed as purely as possible, with the right intentions and objectivity.

I work as a holistic medical medium online with people all over the world.

When I give people their reading online, I don’t want to see, hear or have any information beforehand. If you need information as a medium, then you are not a medium, it only makes you become subjective. By the way, I only do readings in important matters, like physical, health, emotional blockages, transformation etc. I have nothing to do with career, money, future, etc. Sometimes I do make contact with souls in other dimensions. But only when the soul wants this or when the soul is in need. I work and live in a very pure and ethical way, and I only eat the food that does not disturb my body and energy. I also know that all this is a condition for accessing the chronicles.

If you are a channel for high energy, you as a person needs to be in your purest and most healthy situation. Correct food is utmost important in this. If you eat foods contaminated with pesticides, hormones and industrial processed ingredients, you know that this will harm your body. So simply said your body is not able to transform these high energies, because it is busy with getting all the harm out.

As soon as the person, even on the other side of the world, slides behind the laptop and keeps his feet on the ground, I sink into that timeless nothingness and the information about that person flows in. When I read or hear the sessions later, I am often overwhelmed by the wisdom I give. As a normal conscious human being, I really don’t have that knowledge.

Important is the spiritual development to be able to be nothing

What is very important in this matter is the spiritual development of being nothing. No ego, no fears, no barriers to say exactly what you want to say. Not being afraid of criticism, not being afraid of making mistakes. Don’t attach to matter, able to forgive yourself is also important. No limiting traumas that make you reflect too much in others, no conditioning, free from everything and everyone. Surrender to a higher energy than yourself while you totally put your ego aside. Also taking very good care for your nutrition and health. Only then you can be a pure channel for the knowledge from the collective consciousness or all the vibrations that lie across all dimensions that have information about the soul, human, body concerned.

When you no longer have any control over what you automatically say or write, this goes totally beyond your brain and I, then you have contact. Suddenly having much more knowledge about things that you normally do not have, then you know that you did connect with the chronicles. Just assume that you only hear, see, feel and know what is important for the development of the soul you are working with at that time. You can see past lives, but the future much less so. This is because the future is fixed in life-lines, but the free will of the soul determines which line of life it is choosing. Karma also determines this. Therefore, predicting the future is quite questionable, unless you can tell the exact outcomes of the different lines.

You are a holistic being, and you should also live as a cosmically aware being.

I have trained many mediums in my life, but also developed a lot of spirituality. Are you spiritual and are you full of fears and obstacles in your life, or do you eat all kinds of impure food? Know that you are not ready to work with these gifts. You would only be perceiving very subjectively and reflectively. You are a holistic cosmic being, and you should also live as a cosmically conscious being.

If you fill up with alcohol, drugs and addictive food such as dairy, sugars, wheat, gluten etc. then your chakras block. Even worse, the communication between the brain parts start to deteriorate through an overload of exorphines in these foods. You become ungrounded and your Plexus Solaris that has to convert the high energetic energy into earthly energy becomes blocked. So this will totally hinder the manifestation of your developed senses here in this dimension. For X-Codex I am writing a manual for “Starchilds”. All the above-mentioned knowledge will I write about in this book.

Only when you can be an unconstrained and totally objective channel, you can tune in to the chronicles.

Only when you can be an unconstrained and totally objective channel without fears of the ego. That everything is allowed to happen and everything is allowed to be, then you can tune into the Akashic records. I say this so beautifully in two sentences, but it is really a long way in practise and development in being able to put your ego aside completely. Not having any feeling or fear of failure, not having any trauma of your own that impedes objectivity. To live according to your gifts and your development is for many a huge task. There is nothing more difficult than to achieve this state and to be able to hold on to it permanently.

So are the Akashic records accessible to everyone? Yes and No! You do not have to be a saint! But you do need to be a developed human being, who feels part of the great “Oneness”. Feels this and experiences it, but most of all living according to this. He/she is aware of what influences do with his/her soul, but also with the wrong food. Because once you feel and experiences all of this, there is no point in keeping the ego. Because the ego is, in comparison with the achieved state of the soul, only very small, fearful and insignificant.

Live Different, Live Conscious!

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