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April, 2022 Add comment

The constant libel and slander of a Dutch Association Against Quackery (VtdK)

The constant libel and slander of the Association Against Quackery (VtdK) about their victims, is more than outrageous and is done on purpose. They do this to shut down practices that do not work from conventional medical science. In doing so, they deliberately and unjustly discredit doctors and therapists to the point that they can no longer do their jobs. Because everything they put online is dirty, twisted and lied about. So that everyone unconscious and not thinking for themselves believes them blindly. Even though these doctors and therapists often work with great success and bring true health to people. The VtdK sponsored by Big Pharma has the task to eliminate all competition for this industry

X-Codex wants to make a stand for therapists and doctors who work from primary medicine. By this we do not mean our Western medical medicine, but everything that originates from nature. Good healthy food, orthomolecular supplements, nano-minerals, acupuncture, phytotherapy, homeopathy and all other healing methods that originate from the first medicine.

The doctors and therapists working with other broader views and methods urgently need to be protected from associations and groups with very limited views. The methods of this association bring unbelievable damage, often lasting years, to the work and lives of these doctors and therapists. We believe this is extremely unjustified. Especially because of the own agenda behind this way of acting, which we would like to explain in this article.

There are so many internet trolls who get their joy out of ruining people online

There are so many internet “trolls” who get their joy out of ruining people online. To do so, publishing embarrassing photos and spreading lies. The people who get their joy from this, including this association, have no idea how they can permanently damage a life. What the immense consequences can be of such stories that are almost always unjustified and made up.

We found someone willing to share her story with us after lengthy discussions. In our research on this subject, we came across Clara Ruizedaal and her story. We were blown away in amazement how unjustified negativity can be so defining and disastrous for a life. Although we had heard a lot of stories, but this one really hit the mark. It is such a long-lasting situation (20 years) so this became a two part article. Our editors decided to publish all of this despite the length of the story. This is to make people and organizations such as the VtdK aware of the injustice they are giving to another. But most of all, we want people who read these stories from these kinds of malicious associations to completely ignore them. Because it turns out to be extremely negative, whipped up nonsense.

In our research, we have spoken at length to a number of these doctors and therapists. All of them victims of this association. Examined evidence, and it is incredible how many lies this association knowingly spreads. It is clear that successful doctors and therapists must be stopped if they work unconventionally. However, during our research, we found that no one dares to come forward. This is because they are afraid of repercussions from the VtdK that will follow them all their lives.

Clara Ruizendaal has been so unfairly trashed online by VtdK that she has nothing left to lose and dares to tell her story.

Our research in all her documents from her institute and courts has taken months. We hope this story will make many groups, associations, but also internet trolls think 100 times before they start trashing someone online again.

In the 90s Clara Ruizendaal was the most famous and successful holistic Orthomolecular Epigenetic therapist in the Netherlands.

In the 1990s, Clara Ruizendaal was the most well-known holistic Orthomolecular Epigenetic therapist in the Netherlands. Clara Ruizendaal and her team treated 600 patients per week. Many people studied, just as many followed a three-day inner-child workshop or a transformation coaching. The institute had a restaurant with only ecological very healthy food and this already in the 90s and a shop where people could buy their dietary foods, also of course ecological.

Clara is also a born medium. She led in her institute once every two weeks on Monday evenings, the well attended “everything that comes” evenings. Every evening, there were around 150 people in the institute’s own hall. The evenings were fully booked months in advance, if you did not make a reservation you could not enter. On these evenings, she worked as a medium to help people with all kinds of questions. Clara was born with highly developed senses. She knows her life, nothing else than to receive information through her senses. Information about humans and animals, and sees colors around everything that lives. For her, it is her normal living environment, and so she has always remained very normal. At least that is what strikes us the most about her.

Clara Ruizendaal is highly developed in reading/scanning a human body.

She is highly developed in reading/scanning a human body in its function, but also all emotions and psychological functioning. She can even do this online from thousands of miles away. Distance is no obstacle, she sees and feels as it were transparent. Also, she prefers to work without any prior knowledge and does not want to see the client she is scanning. Next to this she prefers to work totally blind, then she is according to her at her best. The official term for this is a physical/emotional/mental empath.

The reviews she gets about this work are extremely laudatory. We have seen her live at work and the degree of accuracy is truly incredible. Both for us and for the client she scans who lives in New Zealand, for example. We are talking about a distance of 18,526 km where the information flows in within a second. She literally feels everything that the client feels and experiences in his body and psyche.

Our research tells us that she is an empath

Our research tells us that she is an ’empath’ in several ways, but mostly a physical, emotional and intuitive ’empath’. The funny thing about Clara is that she never went looking for an official term for her talents, and so she knew this from this terminology. Thus, it is part of her total existence, and she does not know any better. Unlike others, she has complete mastery over it and can turn it on and off. So her aura is protected, and she doesn’t blindly take on everything from everyone. She opens up when a client on the other side of the world slides in behind a laptop or telephone. Read about the different ’empaths’ here, see

Through this way of perceiving together with her many years of studies in alternative medicine, she can find causes of diseases and complaints, which a doctor often does not think of. Or she knows how to make a connection between all complaints. To give a doctor an idea where to look for in this patient. So far she has advised thousands of people to permanently regain their health. She uses advice in nutrition, supplements and possibly coaching. Her work in this is flawless.

Previously, she was the owner of the Clara Ruizendaal Institute.

The Clara Ruizendaal Institute was visited by people from all corners of the country at that time precisely for this purpose. But people from several countries abroad also knew how to find the institute. The treatments were very successful; people regained their health en masse.

However, Clara Ruizendaal has been a long-term and very unjustified victim of VtdK. This has been the case since a broadcast of Barend and Witteman in 1998. She sat opposite Cees Renckens, then the chairman of the Association against Quackery (VtdK) at the table. Then you might think 1998? ‘We don’t even remember that time!’. But in this article it will become clear that the online unjustified trashing of this association, no matter how long ago, has brought irreparable damage to Clara’s life. Right up to the present day.

In this broadcast, Cees Renckens, tried to make Clara look completely ridiculous, as he did with many doctors and therapists from the Netherlands in TV broadcasts. Unfortunately for him, he did not succeed this time! Instead, Cees Renckens was booed several times by the audience present. Clara, with her outstanding knowledge, was able to parry all his unjustified accusations very well. The ego of Mr. Renckens was obviously very touched and this resulted in Clara becoming target No. 1 for the Society Against Quackery.

What happened?

The VtdK has been accusing her of scamming online since 2002 without any normal evidence. Even after all charges of scamming, after three years of intensive investigation by the criminal investigation department, were dismissed, the VtdK continues to refuse to remove items about her. As a result, the VtdK determines her life to date and Clara has not been able to continue her work for years.

Clara was even portrayed as a swindler by the program ‘Opgelicht in the Netherlands’. What the role of the VtdK in this is unknown. The fact that they started their slander and libel against her at the same time gives the idea that they definitely had a role. In 2002 there were three broadcasts about her in which she was extremely negatively portrayed in an unmistakable way. Among other things, she would have defrauded people on a large scale by prescribing many supplements. This was only for her own benefit, at least this was the scam. Charges were filed against her by this program and a three-year major criminal investigation followed. The investigation even had a code name, “Noise in the Valley”. It was believed that they would catch a very big fish in the sea.

The outcome of the investigation was very disappointing

The outcome of the whole investigation was as the criminal investigation reflected in their reports very disappointing. They concluded that an unjustified smear campaign had been launched against her, and not only from within VtdK. They even told Clara that they had lost so many useless man-hours on something where nothing came out. At the same time, she was attacked by the therapists trained by her who worked with her. Their motivation appeared to be that they wanted to attract the money the institute was converting to themselves. With knowledge and skills that she had taught them. But there are also stories that they were threatened by the VtdK. If they did not turn against her, they would also be smeared by this association online. And all this only because Clara Ruizendaal, was far too successful in treating the most diverse diseases.

The program “Opgelicht” immediately took all incriminating links offline after the outcome of the criminal investigations.

So how did all this come about and why?
The VtdK, which is sponsored by Big Pharma, held a modern witch hunt of the highest order after the broadcast of Barend and Witteman. They do this not only with Clara, but with so many therapists and doctors who work differently than the standard set by this association.

The consequence for Clara is that for 20 years she has not been able to do her outstanding work, which she did before for her weekly hundreds of patients. How more successful she was in treating complaints, the greater Big Pharma saw her as a danger. The more Cees Renckens got a dent in his ego in the broadcast, the deeper she had to go down.

The problem, however, is that this unjustified online slander and libel has incredible consequences for Clara in her life, read more about this in the 2nd article on this subject. This certainly happens not only to her, but to anyone who decides to bring down the VtdK, Skepsis or other associations and internet trolls. However, if a doctor makes a serious mistake such as Cees Renckens himself apparently has on his record, they don’t know how to get everything covered up as quickly as possible.

Dr. Cees Renckens has been criminally prosecuted for the death of babies in his ward

Dr. Cees Renckens a rigid fantasist with poor management skills (now former chairman of the VtdK) a gynecologist, is in charge of a department of obstetrics. Under his leadership, a number of babies died due to communication breakdowns. It has been stated that he hopelessly led the department and as a result there were many unwanted communication disorders, for which Cees Renckens was to blame. He has tried to conceal the death of the babies from the Medical Board and has been prosecuted for this see link: death of babies, all the spins on the Internet are reason enough to do extensive research on Cees Renckens and to write an article about him soon.

Of course, all these facts were immediately covered big time by the Society Against Quackery. It is unbelievable that this man who has ruined so many good doctors and therapists. Now he himself is prosecuted for liability of killing newborn babies and nobody talks about it and especially not the VtdK! Well, he was immediately thrown out of the association as chairman. But Cees Renckens doesn’t know when to stop. Through other much smaller platforms, he continues to trash healthcare providers about their methods of working.

So many people die in hospitals because of mistakes made by doctors, each time these facts are removed from the picture as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, an association, doctors and therapists like Clara Ruizendaal and many others dare to destroy lives, while negligence has never been proven. Certainly not negligence in the form of their former president, being co-responsible for the death of newborn babies!!! To then call someone who has been recommending supplements on a large scale, that bring proven health for 20 years a scammer, is quite something!

Vitamins are quackery according to the VtdK

Clara is seen as a swindler by the VtdK because, according to them, she would encapsulate cheap vitamins into her own brand and sell this very expensively. She prescribes at least eight jars of these for every patient, and only does this for her own profit. Because after all, vitamins are just quackery according to this association and do nothing in human health. However, the statement of this association is distressingly outdated. A body needs all vitamins, minerals and amino acids to function properly. If a body has shortages and these are not supplemented, then the body slowly but surely becomes ill. Since our diet is far from containing all the right nutrients, many diseases arise.

Research shows that Apothecary Durlinger made its supplements.

We have investigated this claim and have found much evidence that at that time pharmacy Durlinger in Mierlo made her supplements. Who were very specialized by that time in making good quality supplements. In old court documents, the name pharmacy Durlinger is mentioned several times as the developer and the supplier. An assistant of Clara always went along on visits to pharmacy Durlinger, she has also stated this. Incidentally, this charge was also totally dismissed. Of course this pharmacy was also attacked by the VtdK in 2009, see here the link Pharmacy Mierlo Hout exit

The problem is mainly the tone of voice of all the articles you find on the website of the VtdK. There is no real objectivity to be found. If a health care provider does not work according to the guidelines of VtdK (only doctors who work according to the normal medical protocol are according to them) then these health care providers are not doing a good job and everything is taken extremely out of context.

We wonder why you can punish someone just because he works differently

We wonder why you can punish someone just because he works, thinks and feels differently than the majority of healthcare providers. How can you force doctors and therapists to think and work in pigeonholes when a person cannot be pigeonholed anyway. A human being is so much more than just a body and a psyche. Why is it that if the medical world worked so perfectly, millions of people had all kinds of complaints that were not remedied or even recognized.

Times have changed, now thousands of therapists and doctors prescribe vitamins
Nowadays, every orthomolecular and/or epigenetic doctor/therapist or whoever works with supplements, prescribes their clients several jars with vitamins. This is because diseases can be cured by supplementing nutrient deficiencies. Clara Ruizendaal may have been one of the first to prescribe vitamins on a large scale, but did absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. It was certainly not quackery and scamming because many scientific studies prove the action of vitamins in diseases. (just read our scientific articles on vitamins)

Just set it off in that time of the 1990s, it was extremely uncommon to take vitamins, now there is a vitamin jar in every kitchen cupboard per home somewhere. But in those days this was totally new.

All allegations of this wrongfully highly critical association have been investigated

All allegations of this unjustly highly critical association against Clara Ruizendaal have been investigated long and thoroughly, but nothing appears to contain any truth. Yet this association refuses to remove any links about her.

If you read the heavily defamatory content of their website, where countless people are pilloried, it is deeply saddening that this is allowed in the Netherlands. They make these unconventional doctors and therapists so unbelievable and ridiculous for the general public that most of them can close their practices immediately. Since the rise of the Internet, they have been using this medium to do so. As soon as new clients read the mudslinging online, they immediately cancel their appointments. This is exactly the goal of this association.

According to VtdK, patients should only be treated by doctors who prescribe medications produced by Big Pharma. Thus, this association is completely at the service of this Big Pharma billion dollar industry and thus earns their sponsorship from this industry. Anyone who thinks differently and prescribes other medications that cannot be patented by this industry has to leave the field.

The strange thing is that when you talk to people about the Society Against Quackery, everyone has a negative view of it and does not take them seriously at all. But then when a judgment has to be passed about a doctor or therapist, then suddenly the negative item written by this association is taken very seriously!!!

Clara Ruizendaal sat opposite Cees Renckens live in the broadcast without any prior knowledge

In the live broadcast of Barend and Witteman, Clara Ruizendaal suddenly sat opposite Cees Renckens without any prior knowledge. On her side of the table she sat together with the then owner of the “Vitaminestore” Alain Vermeulen. The topic of that evening was the rise of vitamins and Clara Ruizendaal was one, if not the largest prescriber in the Netherlands of vitamins at that time.

As usual, Cees Renckens, tried to attack Clara and her practice, but he couldn’t get a pin in it. Clara Ruizendaal, who has a very thorough knowledge and extremely extensive practical experience, was the first of all the doctors and therapists who were attacked by the VtdK, to parry it skillfully. She was therefore able to shut down Cees Renckens in the broadcast. The audience in the live broadcast was delirious with joy, and Cees Renckens was booed several times. Someone finally knew how to silence this association.

Clara’s life consisted of her patients and their files

What no one knew is that Clara Ruizendaal had absolutely no idea who she was sitting across the table from. Clara’s life consisted of her patients and files, her studies, research, and teaching classes and workshops. As a result, she was more other-worldly and had no idea of the witch hunt the VtdK was conducting.

In the broadcast she invited Dr. Renckens to join her for an afternoon at her institute. Clara told us that she would have done so even if she had known who he was, because in the institute they worked professionally with the highest ethics and standards.

Cees Renckens and a team of doctors wanted to totally review the files of her institute

Two months after the broadcast, Cees Renckens and a team of doctors wanted to visit her and inspect all her files. Because of patient confidentiality, she had to refuse. In addition, this was not the intention of her invitation; he had been invited to join her for an afternoon.

The refusal of access was the opening to put Clara Ruizendaal online in a totally negative light.

We believe that an appalling injustice has befallen Clara Ruizendaal

We feel that a staggering injustice has been done to her, but also to all those who had managed to find progress in their illnesses through her. Clara Ruizendaal was especially known in her work with crying babies, children and their illnesses/complaints and highly sensitive persons. But she also knew how to turn the serious illnesses around. Every baby, toddler and preschooler she knew how to get calm and healthy. Every highly sensitive person felt at home in a warm, understanding and supportive bath.

After the broadcast of Barend en Witteman the production crew came to her immediately

After the broadcast of Barend en Witteman the production manager immediately approached Clara. He announces that during the entire broadcast, their telephone lines were overloaded and red-hot with patients who want to be treated by her. Clara had brought a number of patients who were seriously ill when she began treatment. They told how they were relieved of their complaints and illnesses.

Also speaking was a man with dual cancer in the stomach and kidneys. Clara had started the treatment with him, but he could not afford it. He had always been a good manager and asked if he could do a return service as manager in the yet-to-be-opened institute. In return, he would then get the treatment for free. Clara thought this was a good idea.

The treatment was very successful

The treatment was very successful and a deep bond grew between them, which later led to a relationship However, during the treatment of his illness, she did her part and his doctors did the rest. Clara never went with him to his doctors and kept totally aloof in that process to keep the treatment as pure as possible.

The man had been told by his doctors that he was out of treatment and had only a year to live. He only came to his doctors for check-ups or when he was in a lot of pain. Finally, after one and a half years, he was declared cured, this by following the Holistic Orthomolecular Epigenetic therapy of Clara Ruizendaal. The Barend and Witteman broadcast in which he testified about his healing was around a year after he was declared cured. There were so many therapists in the institute and family members witnessing this man’s healing.

In the VtdK’s account, of course, it was spoken of as if it was all intentional and biased. After all, who could believe a partner of Clara Ruizendaal was cured of cancer. We wonder who is going to tell an 800,000 viewing audience that someone cured you of cancer when this was not the case?

The 20 phone lines of the institute and VARA were red hot for months

In any case, the 20 phone lines of the institute and VARA were red-hot for months after the broadcast. Thousands and thousands of people signed up who wanted to be treated by Clara. But there were also many phone calls from people who wanted to congratulate Clara because someone had finally managed to silence the VtdK. People from her field called in frenzied joy.

In the end, because of the constant libel and slander from the Association against Quackery, Clara lost her institute and even its relaunch.

In the second article about her, you can read what the major consequences in her further life have been of this online mudslinging by the association.

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