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September, 2021 2 Comments

The divisions in our vaccination culture

The divisions in our vaccination culture between “vaxxers” and “anti-vaxxers” are deeply worrying. What are the emotional consequences as compulsive divisions emerge between those who are pro- and anti-vaccination.

Today the Netherlands opens up again, the one and a half metre distance rule goes into the bin. Except for the nightlife, which has to close at midnight, almost everything is back to normal. Provided, of course, that you have been vaccinated and can show proof of vaccination. Read our article about the vaccination certificate

If you, as an “anti-vaxxer”, still want to do something outside of work, this has now been made virtually impossible. If you are 13 years old or older, a corona pass must be presented as of today in order to gain access to a catering establishment, arts and cultural institution or an event. A corona pass that shows that you are totally vaccinated against Covid-19 or you have recovered from it. Or you can prove that you have been tested negative in the last 24 hours. From the age of 14, a valid ID must be presented in addition to the proof in the Corona Check app. This is how our vaccination culture is divided.

Visitors’ QR codes are scanned by staff and the data compared with the ID. Only when everything is in order, visitors are allowed to participate or enter a restaurant or café. In return for all this checking, they are allowed to be fully booked again and at events to a maximum of 75%. 

Put a Dixie outside and let them do their business there

If you cannot provide such a certificate, you are allowed to eat or drink on a terrace. You are not allowed to enter a café or restaurant to go to the toilet. Hugo de Jonge, however, had a masterly solution: put a Dixie outside and let them do their business there. It’s almost like being assigned a certain patch of grass with a fence around it. Including the signs indicating that “anti-vaxxers” are free to do their business there. 

Dare you express any public criticism of the coronapas as State Secretary Mona Keijzer did today. As a result you will be summarily dismissed the same day by outgoing Prime Minister Rutte, soruce:

So where is our right to freedom of expression? Is it really allowed that in a democracy, you are punished so harshly for what you say? What is actually left of our democracy in this divided vaccination culture?

Please let it be clear to you, X-Codex abhors all these situations! We believe that no one should be forced to be vaccinated. Excluding the unvaccinated or living on the fringes of the open society is a violation of our human rights. This is beginning to look like ethnic cleansing and extremely discriminatory in our eyes. We are getting first and second class citizens and that has very far-reaching consequences, a dictatorship seems very close.

Mass vaccination under social pressure

The pressure from society is now so intense that people are still getting vaccinated en masse. That is, of course, the purpose of this whole story. How can you force people to do something? Simply take away everything they love, and that is exactly what is happening here. This is manipulation at its best, and we are currently seeing this abominable behaviour in all of world politics. 

If you let President Biden have his way, there will soon be a total obligation to vaccinate in the United States. Until now, it has been made compulsory for employees of the US national government. The vaccination requirement is also for people in health care institutions and hospitals who do jobs for the government. In our view, this is totally against our right as human beings. We fear that it won’t be long until many countries declare the same obligation to vaccinate. At first, of course, politically clever only in part. But as the idea grows among the people, the spreading of this obligation will gradually become a fact. Until everyone is obliged to vaccinate. This clever political game has been rammed down our throats already for a year and a half now.

What emotional impact does this division have on tolerance between different groups?

I was at the hairdresser’s two days ago, and I brought up the subject of vaccinations. The hairdresser was an “anti-vaxxer”, but told me that she actually had no reason why she did not want to be vaccinated. It was very clear that she was afraid to speak out. There was a very noticeable policy in this company not to discuss these matters with customers. This is another sign of the divisiveness in our vaccination culture.

As an “anti-vaxxer”, you can clearly step on the toes of many customers who have been vaccinated. In my view, these are the first signs that we need to shut up, for the greater good of the vaccinated. After all, we don’t want to lose the group of vaccinated people because they are the vast majority.

My best friend for example is in the online dating world, hey you’re single, and you want something, right? But the conversations between “anti-vaxxers” and the vaccinated are very intense, he says. It would play a big role in your choice of date or partner, according to him. I was really curious and so a few weeks ago I made profiles on two dating apps. I did this as research for this article, and to be honest, I was completely shocked. On one profile, I had been vaccinated and on the other I had not.

It is as if you are totally unaware in their eyes

If you are vaccinated, and you dare to come forward here, then you are also a sitting duck for the “anti-vaxxers”. It is as if you have the plague, and you are totally unconscious in their eyes. The demeaning invective that came unwillingly to me in private messages was truly mind-blowing. “How incredibly stupid I was, how intensely oblivious! “Did I want to get all kinds of diseases later by getting vaccinated?” Until, “you are seriously too stupid for words and an outrageously dull person”. “Who wants to date a person who doesn’t think about anything and meekly does what the masses want and doesn’t think for themselves? 

I then removed the visibility of the vaccination from this profile. I then got many matches and again also with the non-vaccinated. Until finally the conversation turned to vaccination, and it seriously stopped numerous times without any explanation. People often tried to silence me with all sorts of conspiracy theories and to persuade me to adopt their point of view. I mean, every theory is allowed, but it must have a proper basis of truth. There are plenty of real reasons why you shouldn’t want to vaccinate. But the reasons I sometimes heard were really out of all proportion. But above all, the hatred touched me deeply.

I thought that as a ‘vaccinated’ person, I would not be a danger to ‘unvaccinated’ people.

I thought that as a ‘vaccinated person’ I would not be a danger to unvaccinated people. So I thought my best friend was exaggerating, but nothing could be further from the truth! There is a whole emotional war going on between the “vaxxers” and the “anti-vaxxers”. I am quite impressed by that.

On my profile, where I indicated that I was not vaccinated, I was met with the same resistance and hatred. I was dangerous to the people who had been vaccinated and that I did not want to think in the interests of others. They asked me if I was narcissistic and didn’t want to take care of my weaker fellow man. People really never wanted to date me because they would never dream of kissing or having sex with a non-vaccinated person. I was often told that as a non-vaccinated person, I would also be an impediment to holidays and dates. There are also often wild theories on this side, where common sense can no longer be found.

I must say that I am quite impressed by the resistance that vaccinated and unvaccinated people have to each other. The tolerance and forbearance is really far away. For example, I personally lost a good friend I had known for three years. This is because his opinion and mine are diametrically opposed. We really don’t have any contact any more, he can’t reconcile with me according to him. Any attempt to reunite on my part is pointless. Why do people choose to divide our vaccination culture?

Of course, we understand the resistance

We as editors certainly understand this, I mean as non-vaccinated people we have also been roundly dismissed and discriminated against. So we feel duped, diminished, appallingly hampered in our freedom and downright isolated, which evokes a lot of strong emotions. The way we treat people are our choice, but if we start attacking the vaccinated, we are no better. There are many people in both groups who express hatred and envy towards each other. Because we do not want to give the impression that one side is better than the other.

A death last week happened, because the unvaccinated woman did not want her husband to go to his vaccinated parents should never become the order of the day! In this or any other setting, it must be conceivable that we will shun or kill each other for our beliefs!

We would do better to propagate that we are the more conscious people.

Choices are there to be made. If we make them, we must also bear the consequences. Of course, we may rebel and protest. We will not allow ourselves to be put down, but we too are responsible for our civilization. The more we behave anti- in everything and are very intolerant of this, the bigger and bigger the gap in our emotional world. The fact that we even have to use the word ‘group’ in this article is actually already going too far.

I call on the “anti-vaxxers”, but also the “vaxxers”, not to let our humanity be destroyed by a fucking virus! We all have the same right, the right to make whatever choice we want. But also the right to live our lives the way we want to live them. Let us continue to be tolerant towards each other and put aside the resistance and hatred. Never let ourselves be divided by a vaccination culture set up by politicians in the Netherlands. A virus and politics may never gain such power from us. Let us strip ourselves of love for each other, humane behaviour and tolerance for anything or anyone!

Otherwise, we will become deeply isolated

Otherwise, we will become deeply isolated, groups totally unrelated to each other, who hate each other and make life difficult for each other. It seems like the beginning of a civil war spreading all over the world. That dear people, “anti-vaxxer” or not, we should never let that happen. Because there has been enough hatred raining down on this globe over the centuries. Enough ethnic cleansing and too many deaths for religious and other reasons. We live in a different era now, we are so much more aware, so much more spiritual. So we have to live with the understanding that what we sow now, we will reap later. Furthermore, we have a duty to our offspring to keep our world emotionally healthy.

Believe me, there will be so much less resistance to the non-vaccinated. If we simply continue to plan with love and tolerance. Hands, arms and hearts will open again because we will show from love that we stand for healthy choices. 

With hatred and much resistance, the separation and the backlash against our conviction will only become more powerful. In the end, this will have many more consequences for our world. Incidentally, all the above applies to both groups.

Again, we are against vaccinations, but we are also people overflowing with love for others and nature. We are conscious, spiritually tolerant people! Please, let’s not let them make us lose that. Let them not take our loving nature away from us, either. Only then have they really won in our eyes.

Just think!


2 responses to “The divisions in our vaccination culture”

  1. Pauline says:

    I agree with you! I believe what you say is happening to the entire world. I am living in western Canada and am appalled. This craziness splits families as well as friends. It is scary to imagine to potential outcome.

    • Redactie says:

      Hi Pauline, thanks for your reaction on our platform and excuse us for the late response. It is indeed happening all over the world. Here in the Netherlands, in a family, a murder even happened because of it. It is so sad that this has to be our new reality. The potential outcome is indeed very scary. I hope you are doing well over there in beautiful Canada 🙂

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