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March, 2021

The systematic repression of the Uyghurs in China

The systematic repression of the Uighurs in China must have caught your attention. China is hunting down the Uighurs and locking them up in 're-education camps'. Today in the Volkskrant, I read a report about the Uighurs in Turkey. The Volkskrant's headline is "Are the 50 thousand Uighurs in Turkey trapped?".

For X-Codex this is remarkable news, because Turkey was the Uighurs' second homeland, where they were welcomed with open arms and were safe. This safety appears to be lifted by a new extradition treaty between Ankara and Beijing after its ratification. How can a country like Turkey give in to Beijing and thereby endanger 50 000 people?

Who are the Uighurs anyway?

Wikipedia tells us the following: Uyghurs are a Turkish people from the Chinese autonomous region of Xinjiang. There are 11 million Uighurs living there, and they make up 45% of the population of that area, zie .

The Uighurs speak a language related to Turkish and the majority of Uighurs live in Tarim Basin, a southern part of the province. It is their traditional home, here they form the majority of the population with over 80%.

Why are Uighurs oppressed?

It is estimated that there are now one and a half million Uighurs oppressed in China in what are called 'anti-extremism centres' in Xinjiang. The wretched conditions in which the people are locked up there are more reminiscent of concentration camps. And that in these times! Children and parents are separated, children are sent to boarding schools which are being built at breakneck speed all over the region. The aim is for the children to grow up without the influence of their parents, and this will erase their 'Uyghur' culture. In the eyes of the government, this should then, with time, wipe out the Uyghur threat of taking power.

China fears terrorism in this area, as the province of Xinjiang, far from Beijing, is very different from the rest of China. They speak their own language, have the Islamic religion and culture. The inhabitants have more in common with the inhabitants of neighbouring countries Mongolia and Kazakhstan than with the Chinese. Uyghurs are related to Turkey, and so it was possible that until recently 50,000 Uyghurs lived very safely in Turkey.

Ethnic and cultural cleansing in Xinjiang

In the province of Xinjiang, which has been transformed into a police state by the Chinese government, ethnic and cultural cleansing is literally taking place. Ten years ago, there was much going on in this province. In the area where the Uighurs live, the population committed attacks, they wanted their own state and independence from China. When there were rumours that Uighurs had raped two Han Chinese women, a real civil war broke out between the two population groups. Hundreds of people were killed, and extreme reactions from the Chinese government made tempers even worse.

Since then, the state has changed into a police state where the Uighurs are oppressed and discriminated against. The government has installed security cameras all over the streets and the population is obliged to download an app on their phones. The phone must be handed in at every checkpoint, where the app is read. This finds anything stored on the phone that is related to the Koran or other Islamic expressions.

Another factor will be that Xinjiang province is rich in raw materials and is therefore an important region for China. The province is also an important point in the new 'Silk Route'. China definitely does not want to let go of the economic advantage of this province. With this new trade route, China wants to determine world trade even more.

Why does no country do anything about it? Why does Turkey give in?

It is not so difficult to imagine why, China gives every country that rebels enormous economic sanctions. Many countries depend on the economic ties with this country, so everyone wisely keeps quiet. Turkey has succumbed to this economic interest and signed the extradition treaty. The fact that, as a result, 50,000 Uighurs' lives are no longer safe is apparently no longer important.

China systematically denies that oppression is taking place.

They write this off as Western lies and emphatically deny that Uighurs and other Muslims are being brainwashed in re-education camps. They then invited a group of foreign journalists to visit the camps. According to the journalists, the camps were beautiful, and they saw only happy faces. Everyone was well-fed and well-dressed. The journalists came from Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, countries that are economically tied to China with their hands and feet. So we can imagine why they were so positive!

In the province, there are no less than 1,200 camps where Uyghurs, Kazakhs and Kyrgyzs attend so-called patriotic vocational training. The training is not completed until they renounce their faith and worship Xi Jinping. He is the President of the Chinese People's Republic, and they have to declare him as their new God. Remarkable is the silence about this ethnic cleansing by Islamic countries. The few protests come from the West, but they achieve nothing. Amnesty International also tries everything to get the government to stop this persecution. They do not get a foothold either, for China is simply lying.

Western sanctions against China remain in place, but the Islamic countries are much more afraid to open their mouths. They usually find in China their most important trading partner and investor. The economic sanctions that China will impose on countries that go against their vision are very large. Therefore, nobody sees the point in standing up for a 'marginal' group of Muslims. Pakistan and Egypt have even deported Uighurs from their countries to China, some European countries are also guilty of this.

Turkey also succumbs to economic interests

Turkey, too, is now yielding to economic interests. Where Erdogan in earlier times rebelled against the 'genocide' of the Uyghurs. Turkey now keeps silent in all languages and betrays the Uighurs in their country with an extradition treaty. The only reason for this is that the previous oppressors, the Chinese, are now Turkey's main financiers.

For the longest time, the Uyghurs were able to see Turkey as their second homeland. It was the country where, because of the centuries-old kinship, they could be more themselves than in China. After the ratification of the treaty, the 50,000 Uighurs in Turkey are waiting for nothing more than their fate. Nothing will then stop their deportation to China, after which they will certainly be tortured and oppressed. Read the full article in de volkskrant here, see

X-Codex despises this immense violation of human rights! We will therefore follow the news about the Uighurs very closely and bring it to your attention.