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May, 2021 Add comment

The vaccination certificate is definitely coming

I have to say, “hats off to the EU and our government, they have handled it very cleverly”. The vaccination certificate is definitely coming!

Politics in The Hague and Europe are not so stupid as to play on and tame us simple souls. So that we no longer offer any resistance to a COVID vaccination. This while nobody knows what the long-term outcome of this will be. But holidays that pass us by, concerts and our beloved events! If we decide not to take a vaccine, even a visit to the cinema or a restaurant can be a complete eutopia. They all hope that we will run under this git black scenario in hordes to the GGD to get our vaccine.

They first showed proper resistance, because oh dear our human rights! The Netherlands, of course, was leading in this resistance, because the Dutch government got reprimands several times regarding our human rights. Read our other blogs about this. Anyway, the resistance against the vaccination passport seemed just real, well played in any case! But they are so good at predicting misery such as no summer holidays etc. That we almost start to beg the government for a vaccination passport or, as we prefer to call it, vaccination certificate!

In Germany and France as we speak, the vaccinations are almost mandatory

In Germany and France, as we speak, the vaccinations are almost total mandatory because you can’t get in any public place any more without a vaccine. It is just a prediction that this will happen in the Netherlands also.

Our vaccinations certificate should open all gates, we can go cruising again, travel to sunny countries, theatre, and events! As long as we have a code on our phone, so we can prove we took the vaccine and our country is not in a red zone. There goes the reluctance against this vaccine, gone is the sense of violation of human rights, because we all want all the fun and our lives before Covid-19 back!

My question is, however, what about those who can’t take a vaccine because of their health? Or the people who are so against vaccines, because they want to have no risk in their health?

What about the group of people, so sick that they can’t take a vaccine? Because of underlying diseases that make vaccination more of a threat than a safety issue? How will we treat these people, or will they be discriminated? How do we deal with the people who are very health-conscious and therefore refuse a vaccine? Are we not dividing our population? Because we develop the ‘übermensch’? The one that forms a divide between the sick and the “idiotic wackos” who can’t or won’t get the vaccine? These groups next to the large group who got their vaccine?

Personally, I think it is a big thing what can go wrong!Because it is our human right to choose not for this vaccine! So what is the solution? I do feel the hope of mankind, everyone longs for freedoms, for enjoyment in life again. Doing nice things, relaxing, dining out, that is what we need. We want to get our fat and sagging bodies that haven’t seen a gym in months back into the gym! You just saw yourself deteriorating, you are depressed, the motivation is gone, even the sex drive is gone.

After the first lockdown, there was a real baby boom in the Netherlands

During the first lockdown we had trouble keeping our hands off each other, and nine months after the lockdown there was a real baby boom in the Netherlands. In the second lockdown, this percentage dropped drastically. This is not strange! Because if you don’t exercise and eat healthy, your testosterone levels drop and your sex drive disappears like snow in the sun!

Young people also have major problems with their sexual development and dating, according to the Rutger foundation. They have carried out extensive research in this area, see

In other words, there is no point in anything any more! It is exactly this that flattens our resistance totally, and we are all open to get a vaccine. Of course, excluding people who are very conscious about their health.

When will this vaccination certificate be available?

It is expected that a European COVID-19 certificate will be definitively approved and introduced at the end of May. Back in October last year, the WHO partnered with Estonia to develop a digital vaccination certificate. The intention is that this certificate will enable countries to exchange information about the person concerned. As we speak, a lot of EU countries and UK has already their certificate working.

The European Commission has announced that a European vaccination certificate will be introduced before the summer.

The so-called ‘Digital Green Pass’ give the proof that a person has been vaccinated. With such a certificate, it should be possible to lift the corona restrictions for the vaccinated person. In my opinion, this is where the coercion and suppression of human rights lies. Where is our freedom of choice? To get a normal life back, you don’t have any choice anymore!

Under pressure from tourist countries, the pressure increased for a vaccination certificate

Pressure from tourist countries, such as Greece, increased the pressure for such a certificate in the EU. Should we then risk our health to get other countries out of an economic crisis? Or is this too selfish? The possibility must remain open according to the governments to travel with a negative test if you go into quarantine for 10 days after your return. Some airlines require a vaccination certificate on international flights. The British cruise company SAGA also announced such an obligation some time ago. We believe that many will follow.

However, the WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council) considers this approach discriminatory because vaccines are not yet generally available. As a result, the sector will have less income for even longer. There are currently many countries with different “passports”, which should be unified.

How does this work in The Netherlands?

For months now, people have been talking about it, but it was more or less covered up! But now there is a concrete plan from the European Commission to introduce a vaccination certificate, (Digital Green Pass). As of 21 June, Dutch citizens will be able to travel with a ‘Digital Green Certificate’, valid throughout Europe. If it is up to Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health), it will not only be a travel free pass, but also a way to gain access to events, theatres, museums and sporting events in the Netherlands.

The European Commission wants travellers to prove via a QR code on their phone that they got their vaccine or tested negative. This proof, which all EU countries are obliged to provide, has thus been renamed the ‘Digital Green Certificate’. I get an association with branded cattle to be honest! In my imagination, I can already see cowboys with lasso’s chasing us! Once caught in a lasso, they push a vaccine into our buttocks and a brand next to it, brrrrr.

The Netherlands wants to use the vaccination certificate for domestic use too

The European Commission wants to introduce the digital certificate on 21 June. This already has happened. The Netherlands wants to use the certificate for domestic use as well, for which they use the special CoronaCheck app. The app contains two QR codes: a domestic code that serves as a test certificate and a foreign code that we can use during travelling. The domestic code gives access to theatres, sporting events and festivals, for example. I remind myself of the article about the Uighurs that I wrote for this website. There, too, militants were reading phones and apps, so if it wasn’t right, you’d end up in a camp. I don’t know, see

The vaccination certificate does not only give a ‘green light’ to vaccinated people

The Digital Green Certificate does not only give a ‘green light’ to people vaccinated against corona. Also if you have tested negative or if there are proven antibodies in your blood after a previous infection, you will be given more freedom, according to the government. But let’s wait and see, this also looks like throwing a dog bone that will be later taken away.

According to Minister De Jonge, it is very important to know whether people who have been vaccinated can still infect others. The Cabinet is waiting for the Health Council’s advice on this, which will take another two weeks. In the event that vaccinated people could infect others, a vaccination passport is not very useful. However, initial studies show that vaccinated people are less likely to transmit the virus than people who have not had the shot. The period during which vaccinated people are contagious is much shorter.

Meanwhile, scientific studies have been completed with the result that vaccinated people can no longer infect others. So the obstacle to using the vaccination passport has been removed, see

Scientific research proves also that vaccinated people cough and sneeze less, so the virus is less likely to spread. If vaccinated people are indeed less contagious, a vaccination certificate could be a good alternative to a test certificate, according to the government. First they will give free access to any event or entertainment venue. But as we know now this went really wrong, and it almost created a new wave.

EU member states may decide for themselves whether to make the vaccination certificate mandatory

Countries decide for themselves which tourists from which countries they allow to enter. This is another reason why it is likely that many European member states will make the vaccination certificate mandatory. The Dutch government wants to clarify the travel advice for next summer soon. You can be sure that a negative corona test or vaccination will be compulsory for going on holiday.

There is a lot of criticism in the cabinet about this vaccination certificate. The vaccination passport will be the subject of much debate in the House of Representatives in the coming weeks. PVV leader Geert Wilders sees the passport as a disguised vaccination requirement. We at X-Codex strongly agree with this. At the end of last year, the Lower House supported a motion by Wilders stating that ‘a direct or indirect vaccination requirement is out of the question’. The Lower House has quickly forgotten this!

Minister De Jonge emphasised last week that there will be no compulsory vaccination, not even an indirect one. Within the Netherlands, a negative corona test will give access to events and public places. “When other countries require a vaccination certificate, we do want to offer the possibility of going on holiday,” he said. “Technically we have to be able to provide such a vaccination certificate. Otherwise people cannot go to the sunny south.” Was Minister de Jonge’s explanation.

Vaccination certificates have been around for much longer (is this really soothing)?

It has been around for much longer that you would have to show a vaccination certificate. Proof of vaccination against yellow fever or polio is also required for admission to various countries in Africa or Asia. In the Netherlands, we know ‘the yellow booklet’, which also serves as an international proof of vaccination. This yellow booklet register vaccinations against, for example, yellow fever, dtp, hepatitis A and B. Some countries still require you to show this before you can enter the country. The RIVM also supplies a sticker after vaccination against the coronavirus to complete the booklet. Is this really soothing? No, we are living in a different world with so much more health aware people. Forcing somebody to take a vaccine, X-Codex thinks that this is a human right violation. X-Codex fights for our human rights and follows the regulations concerning this vaccination certificate with suspicion.

Think different!

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