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March, 2021 Add comment

When we vote we give away our power

In March 17, our second chamber elections take place, reason enough for X-Codex to let a lot of bells ring. Because by voting we directly give away our power! X-Codex calls on everyone NOT to VOTE!

Every four years we elect people (politicians) who we give the right to collect money from us through taxes. They let people live in a hopeless existence (participation law) and kill people (through police and army). We actually barely think about this! We give people so much power, and we never wonder if these people have enough integrity to carry this power.

Furthermore, we give them the right to threaten or imprison people who do not obey and want to live according to the rules they impose. The government, the executive power for all the regulations determined by the politicians, is paid from our money, through tax-collection. We, citizens, are enslaved by the government without us realizing it, how crazy it that. Our own rights are being seriously violated, but we just let them get away with it.

But on March 17, the majority of the Dutch population again meekly go to the polls. And we decide who we want as our “master of slaves”. We give ordinary people a superpower over us, also an ordinary person, while we are no less than the politicians. Except that we may have studied politics a little less. Maybe we as normal people are a thousand times more ethical and capable of carrying power, than these elected people.

Why are we still doing this?

Why are we still doing this while we are indoctrinated in this to an unprecedented degree? Mostly through propaganda from that same government, media, but also education, and by the film industry. Movies often feature a government and police force, army, supposedly keeping us safe. Justice that gives criminals their punishment, if this is really the case, if a lawyer is not too smart. We believe without a doubt that we would be at the mercy of anyone who would do us harm. In this, we are increasingly losing self-confidence. That we can do it ourselves and don’t need this excessive patronizing and regulation. We are constantly being brainwashed and conditioned, anyone who rebels against this is threatened and put under pressure.

‘Recovery-NL’ another example of oppression by politics

Recently, a group of economists, scientists, and doctors rose up to oppose the lockdown by campaigning. They call themselves Recovery-NL and is another example of oppression by politics. Within no time the group raised 100,000 euros for this campaign. Billboards suddenly appeared in the cities with the text ‘There is a plan to open up the Netherlands’.

After less than a week Barbara Baarsma, chairwoman of the Rabobank Amsterdam board of directors, and Coen Teulings, former CPB director, announced that they would no longer be involved with the group with immediate effect.

The same day in the evening, the chairman of this group Robin Fransman drew attention with the following tweet. ‘We have been approached by circles around the cabinet with the request to temporarily stop the Recovery-NL campaign. This until after the elections, which we are going to consider tonight.

So there was immediate pressure from parties in the government. The pressure must have been really damaging if this makes two prominent members of the group resigned immediately. Right away there is a reaction from the corner of Wopke Hoekstra, Minister of Finance and Bas van’t Wout, Minister of Economic Affairs. They, of course, deny that pressure had been exerted on this group.

Yet despite the resignation of leading members, this group continues to campaign for the opening of our country as of March 1 by proposing an alternative corona approach. The group argues that the damage from the many corona measures is greater than the damage that had to be prevented as a result of the pandemic.

We have been electing their leadership for centuries while they abuse power and leadership

We have been electing their leadership for centuries and each time this leadership abuses their obtained power and their position. Despite the fact that voters constantly trust them in their leadership, the voters are victimized by abusing this obtained power. It is a game that will never end if we do not wake up and finally start thinking for ourselves. We are so used to being indoctrinated for centuries that we need that guidance. We truly believe that we can’t any longer do without it. Furthermore, we have lost our own power and independence because of this. We will remain to be children who can’t do without the guidance of their parents. Hoping that we will be seen and protected by these ‘parents’. And just as often as a child is disappointed in those parents, we are also disappointed by our government.

Without a government, we are helpless at the mercy of people who want to attack us

Perhaps true but we are so not agreeing with this! Now every human being, every minute of every day, is being restrained, deprived of their liberty, and livelihood throughout their lives. And believe us, right is far from always right with the government and administration. Crooked can suddenly be very right and right again crooked. It is how the political wind blows and how it is needed in the political game at the time. That is how facts and rules are seen and taken.

In a way, we all suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome

Think about this, it is a shocking statement we are making, but there is a great deal of truth in it. Stockholm Syndrome is characterized by the fact that you develop a positive relationship with your hostage-taker. In fact, we are all held hostage by the government. By depriving us of our rights and income, our own thought patterns, brainwashing, excessive regulation. All of this also takes place in an actual hostage situation. The government is smart enough just like an actual hostage to give small gestures of kindness. So that the people develop a positive perception and stick to it to protect their own emotions. It is exactly this political game that keeps us all in line and makes us choose these power abusers (hostage-taker) again and again.

We believe we are protected just as hostage victims who develop Stockholm’s Syndrome actually believe. This is because seeing the truth, that we really are nothing or no one anymore would be too emotionally demanding. So we just keep on believing while we are totally at the mercy of a power abuser.

The most dangerous superstition is belief in a government (Larken Rose)

A brilliant book, shocking, overturning your world of belief. It goes against everything you have been taught by your parents, your teachers, the churches, the media, and the government, source:

Reading the book you feel very uncomfortable at first, but reading through it is more than worth it. But it is the truth and more and more people are discovering this truth. He describes how it is necessary to push aside all accepted beliefs and deep-rooted superstitions. This must be done so that you can see the lifelong indoctrination. Once you get past this you can openly and honestly examine many new ideas. Here it begins that you see you are fueling government corruption by enslaving yourself. People who are given so much power over people never can ever maintain it ethically for long. Even if they try so hard, their brains and ethics will eventually get clouded by this power. This is why a four-year term in office is far too long. Now is the time for you to withdraw that power back to yourself.

If you start doing this you will experience dramatic changes from how you see the world now. After enough people choose to see this truth and embrace it, it will have a great impact. Not only will the worldview of those people change dramatically, but the world will change totally for the better.

People preserve your authenticity and therefore do not vote march 17!

We call on everyone to NOT vote! Simply to stop this brainwashing and slavery. Do not give your power to another anymore! There are other solutions and ways to govern a country. Fortunately, many people think the same way, as evidenced by the many popular uprisings. Unfortunately, these are quickly suppressed by excessive government action and fines. But let your voice be heard in another way than to throw your vote in a ballot box. Your voice only disappears in a big pile of abuse of power by politicians.

Soak yourself free from all the old thoughts and frames and follow our blogs and articles about other forms of governing a country. We at X-Codex are far from finished talking about this!!!

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