• Contains all 8 essential amino acids
  • The amino acids and capsule are from a vegetable source (Vegan)
  • Free from additives, fragrances and flavorings
  • The amino acids are hydrolyzed (absorbability)
  • Suitable for athletes, a vegan lifestyle and a plant-based or carbohydrate-rich diet
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Be Amino. New in our range are the THF Amino Acids. A unique product of its kind because of the Vegan capsule and the Vegan 8 essential Amino Acids contained in the capsule.

Proteins in our body are made up of a number of “building blocks”, which we call amino acids. These amino acids are made up of small building blocks: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and sometimes sulphur.

There are approximately 22 amino acids, with which countless combinations can be formed. This means there are thousands of proteins that are important for our body. Amino acids are built up into proteins according to a certain arrangement. This is called the structure of the protein.

Of the 22 amino acids, 8 are essential. This means that your body cannot produce them itself. Because it can sometimes be difficult to get all the essential amino acids, for example from a plant-based diet or a diet rich in carbohydrates, a capsule with amino acids can offer a solution.

The capsule of THF’s Amino Acids is Vegan. The Amino Acids in the capsule are also Vegan. In addition, you can also easily break open the capsule by keeping the 2 parts apart, so you can take the Amino Acids without a capsule.


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