Ancient Gold 2

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Yes, gold is precious, prestigious, and highly sought after, but is it only for the reasons we have been told in school? Is there more to this wonderous metal than meets the eye?

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Science today shows that your brain and nervous system require tiny atoms of gold to function properly; without which you would not be able to think, move, laugh, or talk.


Looking back through time, the earliest “acknowledged” written records we have on Earth are from the Sumerians wherein we find interesting facts as kings who lived more than 10,000 years. From the Bible we learn that Moses reportedly lived 900 years. Both records referencing a fascination with gold (and other precious metals.)


History is rife with these kinds of “stories,” but is there any truth to them?


If you were to ask a doctor today, most are likely to explain there is no physiological reason we don’t all live to at least 120 years old. So why is it so many suffer in this day and age?


Why were these aforementioned kings of old so interested in gold and other precious metals?


Steven de Koenigswarter, the founder of The Health Factory and creator of the Nano Minerals, has spent the last 20 years rediscovering the ancient wisdom and incredible properties of gold, silver, and other precious metals.


In a highly thought-provoking lecture, Steven is going to take you on a journey and tell you how he rediscovered why the ancients coveted these special metals in the first place.


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