Eye Spray


  • Zinc supports the immune system and helps ensure good resistance.
  • Zinc is good for concentration, memory and keeps the mind clear.
  • Zinc is good for tension and exertion.
  • Zinc contributes to a normal acid-base balance.
  • Zinc supports the condition of the eye.
  • Zinc helps keep skin, hair and nails healthy.
  • Zinc contributes to the process of cell renewal.
  • Zinc supports the skin’s healing capacity.
  • Zinc protects healthy cells and tissues.
  • Zinc is an antioxidant.

Contents: 15ml
The smaller bottles can be refilled from a larger package.

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Nano Eye Spray is a mineral water produced using a unique method, consisting of purified water containing 20mg/l (20ppm) ultra-small particles of pure zinc.

Nano zinc is a revolutionary new form of zinc. When zinc particles are a few nanometers small (1 nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter), the effect is particularly powerful. The zinc particles are quickly and completely absorbed by the skin and mucous membranes.
The smaller the zinc particles, the brighter the color and the better it works.

The Health Factory packages its products in high-quality dark violet glass, which only allows infrared and ultraviolet UVA light to pass through. This means the product has a much longer shelf life and is vitalized.


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