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Digital reading product (.pdf)
A5 format

Epigenetic treatment protocol for psychological complaints

Have you been searching for years and can't find a solution? No matter what therapy you follow? Do your symptoms perhaps diminish for a while and then return completely and perhaps worse? Then we have a solution for you!


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About the delivery

This treatment protocol is a digital reading product. After payment, the protocol including invoice is sent via a secure connection to the specified email address. From that moment on it is possible to read the protocol directly on your computer, tablet, e-reader or phone. By clicking on 'Checkout' you waive the right of return and agree to immediate delivery. Therefore, you cannot exchange or return the digital protocol.



Do you have psychological complaints and problems?

Have you been looking for a solution for years and cannot find it? No matter which therapy you follow, the complaints may diminish for a while only to return completely and sometimes even worse? Then we have a solution for you!

Order now!

Revolutionary work

An editorial member of X-Codex is an epigenetic specialist with over 30 years of experience in treating psychological and physical complaints. She used altered nutrition and supplements 30 years ago to treat ADHD, high sensitivity, cry babies, burnout, depression, anxiety, even schizophrenia and many other psychological and physical complaints. Her work was more than revolutionary. This was because many of her insights, often years later, were independently confirmed by scientific research.

Naar bestelpagina

Very positive reactions

Recently, she wrote a triptych for us about the real cause of psychological complaints. The positive reactions to these articles were so massive and the demand for help so intense that we asked her to write a treatment protocol.

With this, you can basically restore your body in such a way that the psychological complaints often disappear. You understand that with a protocol like this, this is not a tailored protocol for specifically your complaint. But we assure you that you will feel much better and healthier, both mentally and physically.

Naar bestelpagina

Temporarily reduced price

Because we were very impressed by the massive response and requests for help to the published articles, we offer you this protocol now temporarily for only 15 euros, instead of the normal price of 20 euros! An hour with a therapist will cost you many times more, and in this protocol you will find an incredible amount of answers to your questions. Along with all the solutions. It is all so comprehensively and easily explained that we are sure that if you follow the steps you will soon feel much better.

Would you like a tailor-made advice?

Of course, you can! In that case you can request a consultation of one hour through our platform, unfortunately this is not free. The consultations take place online. Our epigenetic specialist has been working online with many patients from all countries for years. She treats all physical and psychological complaints and diseases.

Naar bestelpagina

What do you need to do to start?

We recommend you, first read the protocol and follow all the steps, then see if it is necessary to seek specific advice through a personal consultation. We guarantee that when you book a consultation, you can make an appointment with the author of this protocol.

Do you really want to get rid of many symptoms!

Buy this treatment protocol, you will be amazed at how many psychological complaints and even physical complaints you will be relieved of. The cost of 15 euros is nothing at all for the many insights and changes it will give you! We are sure that you will find and experience the same.

There is no better gift for yourself than this investment.

Naar bestelpagina

Health and social issues

X-Codex is a foundation dedicated to health and social issues. Regaining health can be done in many ways that are often not advised by conventional doctors and therapists. Therefore, we want to give a different perspective on health, so that you do get answers and can be permanently healthy.

We wish you much mental and physical health!

Order now!