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January, 2022 Add comment

X-Codex Foundation will battle the government!

X-Codex Foundation will battle the government in being accountable for not properly protecting our human rights in during Covid-19. Steven de Koenigswarter is the initiator and owner of the X-Codex foundation platform. Realizing this platform has always been a dream of his because he is a great advocate for human rights. His ancestry is mixed, he is part native Cherokee, African and he is Jewish. All of his ancestors have had to deal with slavery, oppression and ethnic cleansing. So fighting for human rights is in his blood. He feels this, in every cell of his body and existence, as the mission of his life. Something that must and will happen! He is also the one who financially funds this platform and spares no expense. This shows how deeply this mission felt by him. 

He sees and experiences that human rights are far from being properly respected by the government. Especially, health and the free choices that people should be able to make in this regard. This has been a thorny issue for Steven for many years. He experiences that only the conventional medical knowledge is promoted by the government. But all other people-friendly natural solutions are continuously removed from the picture. This gives Big Pharma an incredible position of power, and they are constantly propped up by the same government. Steven finds this unbelievable because there are so many other great solutions to make and keep people healthy. In addition, these are often many times more effective, healthier and cheaper than what the Big Pharma offers us. 

All these natural solutions are kept away from us through excessive regulations

All these natural solutions you can read about in some of our articles are systematically kept away from us. As a result of excessive regulation from our government. The fact that money and taxes play a big role in the choices from the government, makes it all even more questionable.

Health is a human right! We should have free choice in how we keep our bodies healthy or how we want to restore our health. The government has a duty to promote different choices so that we have freedom in this choice. Do we want to eat healthy or eat junk food every day, it is up to us to decide this. For years, the government levied much heavier taxes on healthy foods. Furthermore, lowered the taxes on industrialized pathogenic food that bulges in our supermarkets. Through far-reaching campaigns in recommending/forcing vaccinations, they condition us, in our free choice. That they want to exclude the non-vaccinated is really disproportionate. By doing so, the government is determining our choice and that is against our human rights. Read our article about human rights

In the same way, healthy forms of healing through nutrition, supplements, homeopathy and nano minerals are systematically pushed aside. Furthermore, overshadowed by an immense amount of unnecessary regulations. For example, producers are not allowed to make a health claim anywhere in the descriptions of all these products. Thus, it is made incredibly difficult for producers to advertise them to consumers or describe the effects of their remedies. In this, we as humans are oppressed and limited in our free choice. 

What is now happening with the QR code, the G2 policy and even possible mandatory vaccinations, goes totally against our human rights!

This is exactly the culture that Steven believes should never be allowed to happen again. It looks in many ways like the ethnic cleansing that took place in WWII. The horror situations for which human rights have just been stated so that this would never happen again. See here in 2022 a little less than 80 years later and the same horrible situations just arise in the middle of Europe. Where whole groups of the populations who are choosing for their health are excluded. This must be stopped, and that is exactly what Steven wants to do. Plans are being made that we can’t elaborate on yet. But also here, no effort is being spared to fight for our rights as human beings. And to counteract the horror (equivalent to ethnic cleansing) that is now developing in many countries.

We do understand that some of us due to physical problems needs to be vaccinated

Steven is not against vaccinations. He understands very well that there are people who, due to physical problems, can better make the choice to be vaccinated. But he believes that every person should always be able to make their own choice. However, in this “government policy with blinders on” this is absolutely not happening. We follow en masse the compulsive advice of a government that uses fear and limited visions to control the pandemic. In addition, that same government refuses to tell us that there may and can be other choices. 

A government should also pay just as much attention to all kinds of scientifically researched ways of keeping immunity strong. So that our immunity can clean up this virus without causing hospitalizations. Indeed, the healthy diet and the vitamins and minerals doomed by the government do exactly this! Of course this is not told or promoted by our government who always has a double agenda anyway! So we are kept in the dark and limited in the freedom of choice that we as humans should have.

Look at the scaled down health care system due to years of budget cuts!

For years and years, the government has made strict cuts in health care and the amount of IC-beds. For a wealthy country like the Netherlands, the number of IC-beds per 100,000 inhabitants is ridiculously low. Even in a much smaller country like Belgium, the number of IC-beds is much higher! Still, this amount is barely scaled up due to lack of personnel. Even in November 2021 just before Covid hit us all over again, a scaling up of 200 IC-beds was simply refused by the government! Not to mention the hospital staff who have been demotivated for years by salary cuts to want to be healthcare providers at all. For example students who therefore no longer choose want to study in healthcare. 

The biggest problems are too few ICU beds and too few staff. In addition, there is too little education in healthy nutrition and how these, together with vitamins and/or minerals, can keep us healthy and strong. Note that all these methods have been put in the dark for years. Producers of vitamins, as well as doctors and therapists who promote this way of health, are systematically obstructed and dismissed as quacks or idiots. It is unheard of that non-objective associations, with even a more narrow vision on than the government, cooperate in this. How a prosperous country like the Netherlands has been able to develop such a culture is barely comprehensible.

It is precisely because of this short-sighted course that we are now obliged to vaccinate

But by following this short-sighted course for years, we are now required by force by our government to vaccinate, mainly to relieve the enormous abolished care. If you don’t want this because you believe your health and immunity is strong enough to handle a Covid-19 infection on your own, you will be treated like a pariah. This is transgressive behavior by a government that, through very limited non-visionary decisions in health and health care, has created this situation itself and wants to solve it. Above all through coercion by pushing all kinds of rules and vaccination obligations on the population. 

All this goes against our human rights and especially our right to make free choices

On December 21 the first meeting with our lawyers took place. Through X-Codex we want to publicize this process, and hope for a lot of media attention and support from like-minded people. Again, we cannot elaborate on our strategy yet, but we are really going for it!

Do you agree with X-Codex and want to join us in this fight and possibly support us? If so, any help will be received with gratitude. We simply cannot let this happen to us, we must stand for our freedom. The more we stand behind total freedom of choice, the more we show that we are aware of our right as human beings, the more impression we can make with our planned actions. Help us to show the government that they have to bear the responsibility and that they cannot transfer it to a population. We don’t have to fix our government’s mistakes by forcing us to be vaccinated unnecessarily!

Just Think!

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